Benny Benassi Songs Ranked

Marco “Benny” Benassi (born 13 July 1967) is an Italian DJ, record producer, and remixer. He is widely seen as a pioneer of electro house, a genre brought into the mainstream by his 2002 summer club hit “Satisfaction”. He started his career as DJ along with his cousin Alessandro “Alle” Benassi, forming the electronica duo Benassi Bros. Although he began to gain popularity with his pseudonym in 1997 by releasing the song “Electric Flying”, his first international hit was “I Feel So Fine”, launched in 2001 under the nickname KMC. In 2003, Benassi released his first solo debut album, Hypnotica, to positive reviews. It incorporates electroclash sounds and many elements of house music and won the European Border Breakers Award. The following year, the debut album of the Benassi Bros., Pumphonia, was released. Their track “Illusion” became very popular in the American club scene, finally peaking at number 4 on Hot Dance Club Play. Following “Hit My Heart” peaked at 15. In 2008, his remix of Public Enemy’s “Bring the Noise” won the Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording at the 50th Grammy Awards. In 2009, Benassi also entered the Top 100 DJs list from DJ Mag at #26, while in 2011 was rated #7 on DJ Poll Top 100 by the DJ List website. Here are all of Benny Benassi’s songs ranked.

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10. Feel Alive (Phobia, 1990)

“The rising sound of this song truly encapsulates the meaning behind the music. The lyrics are grand, the music is just…wow. This is possibly the best song on the disc.”

9. Pumphonia (Pumphonia, 2004)

“Pumphonia brings in originality that I didn’t expect. The tracks are really diverse and original, not your usual trance scene of the same dull beats over and over. Some tracks are slower, some faster, one is even in a foreign language. I enjoyed every single track on the CD — every single one I believe is excellent.”

8. California Dreaming (Dance Electric 2005, 2005)

“Man talk about a trip down memory lane – this was one of the songs that got me into electronic music. One of the best of Benny Benassi, this song is a beast

Benny Benassi – Rock'N'Rave (2007, CD) - Discogs

7. Come Fly Away (Come Fly Away, 2008)

“The beats of this song really made us fly away! Really recommended for anyone who needs to get some guts disco time! The Remix with Adam K and Soha is just beautiful”

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6. Every Single Day (…Phobia, 2005)

“Every Single Day” again with Dhany, it’s a nice melodic song, even though just a tidbit repetitive at times, but who cares when you are dancing the night away with nice tracks like this.”

5. House Music (Electroman, 2011)

“You either love it or hate it, and I’m not such a fan of this one, as here Benassi seems to have done a mix which sounds like he’s trying to perform a battle of the DJs with Afrojack, for example, as he’s done tracks similarly. And the mix often goes on so long it’s made my head sore a few times. only the TITLE is sung throughout. I like it very much.

Danceaholic - Album by Benny Benassi | Spotify

4. Beautiful People (Electroman, 2011)

“One of the last summer’s most overplayed tracks, but for a good reason. And it still sounds great almost one year on, even though Benassi is only credited as a featured artist, and Chris Brown, the main artist.”

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3. Cinema (Electroman, 2011)

“One of three to feature Gary Go, the hook is so good and really catchy, it may get stuck in your head. You have been warned. This is the BETTER version of this song. This song is very good.”

2. Make Me Feel  (Phobia, 1990)

“This track is a good opener. The vocals are nice and the music is beautiful. What strikes me so about this song though is that, for a line every once in a while, a singer harmonizes with the main vocalist and for some reason I just cannot get enough of that.”

Hypnotica - Album by Benny Benassi | Spotify

1. Satisfaction (Hypnotica, 2003)

“It’s amazing but gets more amazing when you get the Greece dub version. Who knows one can make a song with just 12 words? And the beat is so sick and scarry.”