Alabama Albums Ranked

Alabama is an American country and Southern rock band formed in Fort Payne, Alabama, in 1969. The band was founded by Randy Owen (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and his cousin Teddy Gentry (bass, backing vocals). They were soon joined by another cousin, Jeff Cook (lead guitar, fiddle, and keyboards). First operating under the name Wildcountry, the group toured the Southeast bar circuit in the early 1970s and began writing original songs. They changed their name to Alabama in 1977 and following the chart success of two singles, were approached by RCA Records for a record deal. Alabama was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2019 and was awarded the first-ever Life Time Achievement Award from this institution. Here are all of Alabama albums ranked.

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10. Greatest Hits II (1991)

“This is, by a long shot, the best Alabama compilation I’ve seen on the market. You get most of the big RCA hits here! ‘Lady Down On Love,’ ‘Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler),’ and ‘Born Country,’ my three favorite songs, all appear on this set. And, the sound quality is excellent!”

9. Greatest Hits (1986)

“This is their greatest hits album with most of your favorites included such as My Home’s in Alabama(Live in concert!), Tennessee River(Live in concert!), Why Lady Why, Old Flame, Feels So Right, Love in the First Degree, Mountain Music, 40 Hour Week, She and I, and The Fans. People who normally do not listen to country music ask me every time I play this in my car or in my home office “Hey, who is that? They sound good!”.”

8. For The Record – 41 Number One Hits (1998)

“This is a great music collection for anyone who really loved alabama. This provides you with all the famous songs and a few new ones. All their number one hits are here. 41 songs you know and love and will never get tired of listening to.”

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7. Christmas (1985)

“I love this album because it is not just the same old carols by a different group. There is a lot of original stuff along with a couple of their better known ones such as “Tender Tennessee Christmas,” and “Christmas in Dixie. They have not been on the scene lately but their music still sounds really good to me!”

6. 40 Hour Week (1985)

“This album continues the signatures of the band’s 80’s output: A mix of band-penned and outside songs, along with the typical song or two fronted by bassist Teddy Gentry or guitarist Jeff Cook instead of main vocalist Randy Owen. And as usual, these forays are hit and miss.”

5. Roll On (1984)

“The whole album sounds perfect on my Palm Pixi Plus which is saying a lot for the album because my husband had this phone before I did and he dropped it from on top of one of his load’s which means the phone is not the best so anything that sounds great on this phone is of excellent quality.”

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4. Feels So Right (1981)

“This album contains some of Alabama’s first big hits ranging from “Feels So Right” to “Love In The First Degree”. Even though the album is over 30 years old, the message in the music and sound is not. Alabama plays true in any decade. I’m old enough now that when I say “they don’t make ’em like they used to” rings true now. And they don’t make groups like this any more. If you want songs that actually say something and make sense, this Alabama album will make you happy.”

3. The Closer You Get (1983)

“This early 80s album contains a number of their hits and will have you tapping your toe and singing along. Randy Owen and the boys are at their finest in Lady Down On Love with smooth vocal harmonies that pluck at your heartstrings. Or if you prefer the more upbeat songs this album has that covered as well with The Closer You Get and others. Sit a spell and kick up your feet as you listen to one of Country’s finest groups ever.”

2. My Home’s In Alabama (1980)

“While the title track sums up exactly what the group is all about, Hang up my travelling shoes (a brilliant upbeat song) seems most inappropriate as Alabama spent the next two decades touring regularly. Other great songs include I wanna come over, Keep on dreaming and Some other place some other time.”

1. Mountain Music (1982)

“The brilliant title track takes a nostalgic look at mountain music but it is a misleading album title – this is definitely an eighties country album. Take me down is a cover of a song by pop group Exile, who later switched to country and became Alabama’s main rivals for a while. The other number one hit, Close enough to perfect, would have been an accurate album title.”