The War on Drugs Albums Ranked

The War on Drugs is an American rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 2005. The band consists of Adam Granduciel (vocals, guitar), David Hartley (bass guitar), Robbie Bennett (keyboards), Charlie Hall (drums), Jon Natchez (saxophone, keyboards), and Anthony LaMarca (guitar). The band’s third album, Lost in the Dream, was released in 2014 following extensive touring and a period of loneliness and depression for primary songwriter Granduciel. The album was released to widespread critical acclaim and increased exposure. Previous collaborator Hall joined the band as its full-time drummer during the recording process, with saxophonist Natchez and additional guitarist LaMarca accompanying the band for its world tour. Signing to Atlantic Records, the six-piece band released their fourth album, A Deeper Understanding, in 2017, which won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. Here are all of The War on Drugs albums ranked.

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5. Future Weather (2010)

“Simply put, this album is, as the title suggests, a phenomenal continuation after their first album titled “Wagonwheel Blues”. Every song offers something different, leaving the album very well rounded. If you had just one song to listen to, I would say listen to “Baby Missiles”. If you don’t have a smile on your face by the end of it, then something is broken inside you.”

4. Wagonwheel Blues (2008)

“This is an excellent debut from a band that will hopefully gain more exposure in the near future. The War on Drugs combine an Americana influence with a little bit of guitar experimentation. It’s great summer music, and it totally kicks butt. It makes me smile every time I listen to it.”

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3. Slave Ambient (2011)

“There are so many musical echoes in this. I hear Petty, Young, Springsteen and obviously Dylan. But there are also light echoes of Floyd and Dire Straights guitar work, maybe ramblin with the Almans and sometimes rockabilly roots. All of these blended roots of sound are amped up with a mix of some serious nitrous oxide ambient drones and that’s what makes this new.”

2. A Deeper Understanding (2017)

“Calming, comforting, exhilarating, inspiring, and contemplative. I can think of few pieces of music that can create such a bundle of emotions simultaneously. Perhaps the best of Beethoven, Mahler or Bruckner. The War on Drugs elevates the meaning of music; the title of this album is a perfect encapsulation of what’s inside.”

1. Lost In The Dream (2014)

“”Lost in The Dream” is an album that must be listened from start to finish. While the songs do sound great by themselves, there is nothing like getting lost in this album as it plays over your car stereo speakers on a road trip or blasts in your headphones while exercising. The incredible synthesizer line on “Under the Pressure” draws you in, and builds up to a layered, sonic masterpiece. Songs such as “Red Eyes”, “Burning”, and the title track “Lost in the Dream” are modern classics that could all be mistaken for Springsteen songs (which is a tremendous compliment).”