Alien Weaponry Albums Ranked

Alien Weaponry is a thrash metal musical trio from Waipu, New Zealand, formed in Auckland in 2010 by brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong. The trio consists of drummer Henry de Jong, guitarist Lewis de Jong and, since August 2020, bass player Tūranga Morgan-Edmonds. All three members have Māori ancestry and a number of their songs are written in the Māori language. Alien Weaponry released their debut EP The Zego Sessions in August 2014 and began work on their debut album at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios in Auckland with record producer Tom Larkin in September 2015. In November 2016 Alien Weaponry released their single and music video for “Urutaa” as the first offering from their upcoming album. February 2017 saw the release of their second single “Raupatu” and in July 2017 they released “Rū Ana Te Whenua”. On 1 June 2018, their album  was released, debuting at number five on the New Zealand album charts, the top New Zealand album of the week. Here are all of Alien Weaponry’s albums ranked.

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1. Tū (2018)

Tū - Album by Alien Weaponry | Spotify

“This is a decent album. The band members are 15, 16 and 18. For such young musicians this album is very focused and they play their instruments skillfully. Not all songs on this album are killer, there is some filler here, but it is quite diverse. A lot of the lyrics are in Te Reo Māori, the language of the new zealandian natives and they use some native instrumentation in some of the songs as well.”