Deicide Songs Ranked

Deicide is an American death metal band formed in Tampa, Florida in 1987 by drummer Steve Asheim and guitarist brothers Eric and Brian Hoffman as “Carnage”, then hiring bassist/vocalist Glen Benton and becoming “Amon”. They would later change the band name to Deicide in 1989. The band rose to mainstream success in 1992 with their second album Legion and is credited as the second-best-selling death metal band of the Soundscan Era, after Cannibal Corpse. Since their debut album in 1990, Deicide has released twelve studio albums, one live album, two compilation albums, and two live DVDs. In November 2003, their first two albums, Deicide and Legion, were ranked second and third place respectively in best-selling death metal albums of the SoundScan era.[2] Deicide is known for its lyrics, which cover topics such as Satanism, anti-Christianity, and blasphemy. Their lyrics have resulted in bans, lawsuits, and criticism from religious groups and the public. Here are all of the Deicide songs ranked.

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10. When Satan Rules His World (Once upon the Cross, 1995)

“Not their fastest or most brutal riffs, but masterful use of tempo changes and what I think is their best sounding studio album of all. Open your windows and share the glory of Deicide with other commuters while dressed in your business suit!”

9. Sacrificial Suicide (Deicide, 1990)

“So violent and catchy! Who cares if Steve Ashiem drops a stick halfway through the bridge? It’s not only Deicide’s best song, it’s one of the best death metal songs ever!”

8. Death to Jesus (The Stench of Redemption, 2006)

“One of the fastest Deicide songs with some really offensive/agressive lyrics. I guess this one got a lot of criticism from the religious organisations and all, but overall it was killer!”

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7. Crucifixation (Deicide, 1990)

“The music is unrelenting. Ripchord guitar riffs that drill into the brain, a bellowing bass to bring doom into the sound, and hammering drums that never seem to tire. “

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6. In the Minds of Evil (In the Minds of Evil, 2013)

“Drummer Steve Asheim observed that the album was “a departure from our recent stuff and has more of an old school vibe. Not quite as melodic and very catchy riffs”. Asheim elaborated further, explaining that the band wanted Glen Benton’s vocals “to sound more old-school. So, it’s a bit of the new with a little throwback action”. Benton concurred, observing that Deicide has “settled into a permanent lineup and the writing process now is like the writing process was back in the beginning and we’re all showing up and writing the songs together. Everybody has an input and it shows”. Benton cited the addition of guitarist Kevin Quirion as critical to In the Minds of Evil.”

5. Once Upon the Cross (Once Upon the Cross, 1995)

“One of my favorites from Deicide. Good fast paced and straightforward satanic death metal. If what you want is devil worshipping, hell raising music, look no further. Not as technical as other albums from them, however.”

Rainofdeath on Twitter: "DEICIDE (St) 1990 🇺🇲 Old School Death Metal only  that, one band, one idea and a bad heart. Pagans, anticristianism. Pure  hell. #oldschool #deathmetal #deicide…"

4. Scars of the Crucifix (Scars of the Crucifix, 2004)

“Scars Of The Crucifix is a pretty typical death metal affair. Benton does his usual demon screaming, the Hoffman brothers play the same old riffs and Steve Asheim plays all the blast beats he can think of. The band sound really good through out and there is no denying they’re a good solid unit.”

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3. Dead but Dreaming (Legion, 1992)

“Another fantastic death metal song, again some very very good material, great sound and just an awesome death metal experience. I can’t fault anything on this album except maybe some less memorable songs for me personally.”

2. Dead by Dawn (Deicide, 1990)

“The vocals are multi layered which is a head give away it’s Glen. They give off a haunting vibe I feel with the way he does growls and then more cleaner vocals but these are still harsh. The way he barks the chorus on Dead by Dawn is great track to hear what his death metal vocal range can do.”

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1. Homage for Satan (The Stench of Redemption, 2006)

“Homage for Satan” is a brutal slice of old school Deicide mixed with their new found sense of more adventurous guitar soloing.”