All I Want Songs Ranked

All I Want is the third studio album by American country music artist Tim McGraw. It was released on September 19, 1995. The album sold over two million copies and reached the top 5 on the Billboard 200. It has been certified as 3× Multi-Platinum by the RIAA. The album’s singles were, in order of release: “I Like It, I Love It”, “Can’t Be Really Gone”, “All I Want Is a Life”, “She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart” and “Maybe We Should Just Sleep on It”. Respectively, these reached No. 1, No. 2, No. 5, No. 1, and No. 4 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. “I Like It, I Love It” was also a No. 25 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. This was Tim’s last album to have a neotraditional country sound before developing a more crossover-friendly country-pop sound. Here are all of the All I Want songs ranked.

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12. That’s Just Me

“Tim’s voice, a sort of cross between John Anderson and Kenny Rogers, may not appeal to everybody (whether set to contemporary or traditional backing) but I love it.”

11. All I Want Is a Life

“Tim fires off the record with the rocking “All I Want Is a Life”, about wanting everything out of life. The tune kicks some major butt and is definantely a crowd pleaser at concerts.”

10. When She Wakes Up (And Finds Me Gone)

“I am extremely picky about connecting with that certain artist or song.The song first of all has to really touch me inside,kinda like the first time you had butterflies in your stomach or goose bumps on your arm.That is eactly the kind of artist Tim Mcgraw is and always has been.When he writes a song,well you can believe he will tell it from his heart and soul.”

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9. She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart

“The second track “She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart” almost makes you think of his lovely wife, Faith Hill, who coincidentally he met and fell in love with while on The Spontaneous Combustion Tour when this record was released.”

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8. Don’t Mention Memphis

“I have been listening to Country Music ever since I was a little boy and let me tell you,it don’t get no better than Tim Mcgraw!! If you liked/ loved his first Cd,well it only gets better and better after listening to that one!”

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7. Can’t Be Really Gone

“Can’t Be Really Gone,” a string-bathed ballad in which a guy sifts through every tangible reason why the woman who just left him couldn’t have actually left (“Her book is lying on the bed/The two of hearts to mark her page/Now, who would ever walk away/At chapter twenty-one”)”

6. You Got the Wrong Man

“I have all of Tim’s CD’s and you won’t find an artist who is more true to what he writes and how he gets it across to his fans all over the world.I am a huge music lover of all types.”

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Top 10 Tim McGraw Songs

5. Maybe We Should Just Sleep on It

” It’s a powerful tune about a man pleading with his gal to give their love another try. It’s not a ballad and it’s not a fast tune, it’s just right.”

4. The Great Divide

“This album built upon that success and had more of a contemporary sound though it should still appeal to many traditional country fans, though Tim’s fourth album (Everywhere, the album that firmly established Tim as a major country star) has much more of a contemporary feel to it.”

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3. I Didn’t Ask and She Didn’t Say

“I Didn’t Ask And She Didn’t Say,” about an awkward meeting of old lovers, are truly affecting. McGraw sings them with just enough of a catch in his voice to suggest the romantic pain they evoke, without going overboard toward melodrama.”

2. I Like It, I Love It

“You can almost feel the twitch in his hips when he sings “I Like It, I Love It.” You may also remember those songs some day as gimmicks. The ballads you’re likely to just plain remember.”

1. Renegade

“Renegade” has a southern rock chorus the Outlaws would’ve loved. This CD and his voice are just something that cruises along, and makes you enjoy it. Not a pitch-perfect voice; just a regular guy singing songs…like a family member who doesn’t try too hard.”