Allegaeon Albums Ranked

Allegaeon is an American extreme metal band from Fort Collins, Colorado, formed in 2008. They have released one EP and five studio albums. Allegaeon was formed in 2007.[3] They initially played small shows, at bars and houses in and around Fort Collins. In August 2008 they independently released a self-titled EP. Soon after, they signed with Metal Blade Records. In January 2010, Allegaeon entered the studio to record their debut album Fragments of Form and Function. The album was released on July 20, 2010, through Metal Blade. In January 2012, Allegaeon went to Lambesis Studios in December 2011, San Diego, California to record their second full-length album Formshifter. Formshifter was released May 8, 2012, through Metal Blade. In 2013, founding guitarist Ryan Glisan collaborated on a project with Tim Lambesis and left the band shortly thereafter. He was replaced by Michael Stancel. Here are all of Allegaeon’s albums ranked.

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5. Apoptosis (2019)

Apoptosis - Album by Allegaeon | Spotify

“This isn’t tech death, it’s melodeath played very technically. To my mind they’ve blended the two well enough to carve out a place for themselves, in a place where it’s easy for everything to sound the same. There’s a certain exact amount of technicality, and a certain exact amount of melody in the recipe for an Allegaeon track.”

4. Elements Of The Infinite (2014)

Elements of the Infinite - Album by Allegaeon | Spotify

“Smooth, melodic and atmospheric are the first words that this album brings to mind. Really strong melodies in mainly all parts (from solos to bridges and choruses), and once not in the melodic mood, the band has a rather softedged sound for the riffing parts, which do get a good support by the keyboards. Sharp and tight drumming along with the vocals give the otherwise smooth sound a nice rough and raw somewhat angry side to things.”

3. Fragments Of Form And Function (2010)

Fragments of Form and Function - Album by Allegaeon | Spotify

“This is an album that brings to mind Arsis for its seamless blend of technicality and melody and Woe of Tyrants for its songwriting style. More or less, this is Melodic Death Metal of the viciously Technical variety, but the members of Allegaeon know that technicality has its limits, and they know when to keep things simple and groovy. The result is a perfectly crafted Melodic Death Metal album full of fast-paced no-nonsense technical brutality, maddeningly catchy riffs, hooks, and melodies, and some of the best guitar solos of 2010.”

2. Formshifter (2012)

Allegaeon – Formshifter (2012, CD) - Discogs

“This may be a bit pre-mature, but I’m not finding this nearly as catchy as fragments. It does seem to be a direct continuation of the same sound and song writing style as their debut effort with possibly a heavier concentration of noodling lead parts, but nothing is really getting my attention yet and I’m not hearing many new ideas that weren’t already explored on fragments…I will try to give it more spins, but so far it’s somewhat underwhelming.”

1. Proponent For Sentience (2016)

ALBUM REVIEW: Proponent for Sentience - Allegaeon

“After Elements of the Infinite displayed a lower amount of melodic death metal influence compared to what went before, having a vocalist who can sing cleanly doesn’t mean that Allegaeon have brought it back on Proponent for Sentience (2016), which is their fourth full-length album. Musically this is a natural progression on from the previous album, with even less melodic death metal elements, which has resulted in their longest and most adventurous album to date; music that is now somewhat progressive as well as technical. “