Allegaeon Songs Ranked

Allegaeon is an American extreme metal band from Fort Collins, Colorado, formed in 2008. They have released one EP and five studio albums. Allegaeon was formed in 2007.[3] They initially played small shows, at bars and houses in and around Fort Collins. In August 2008 they independently released a self-titled EP. Soon after, they signed with Metal Blade Records. In January 2010, Allegaeon entered the studio to record their debut album Fragments of Form and Function. The album was released on July 20, 2010, through Metal Blade. In January 2012, Allegaeon went to Lambesis Studios in December 2011, San Diego, California to record their second full-length album Formshifter. Formshifter was released May 8, 2012, through Metal Blade. In 2013, founding guitarist Ryan Glisan collaborated on a project with Tim Lambesis and left the band shortly thereafter. He was replaced by Michael Stancel. Here are all of Allegaeon’s songs ranked.

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10. All Hail Science (Proponent for Sentience, 2016)

“This is a very impressive band overall. Their technical chops are outstanding; their musicality and song writing above average; and their production and structure unquestionably sound. If you’re looking for an example of American progressive or melodic death metal, Allegaeon should be the standard bearers.”

9. Tartessos – The Hidden Xenocryst (Formshifter, 2012)

“Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst” is another favorite of mine that is highlighted by an excellent driving, groove-pummeling riff that jumps straight out of the gate and is accompanied by a deliciously sweep picked melody during the verse, and is also further highlighted by amazing lyrics about the mythical city of Atlantis, along with more deliciously melodic solos to boot.”

8. Gray Matter Mechanics – Apassionata Ex Machinea (Proponent for Sentience, 2016)

“I keep coming back to not only this song, but this entire album because the music is just written so well. The way the music progresses and all of the transitions are so smooth. It’s brilliant. It hits when it’s supposed to hit, and takes you in a journey. I love it. Not to mention how talented they each are at their instrument, including Riley. Also super nice dudes. This band is one of the most underrated in my honest opinion.”

ALBUM REVIEW: Proponent for Sentience - Allegaeon

7. Through Ages of Ice (Elements of the Infinite, 2014)

“I’ve noticed a pattern in all of Allegaeon’s music videos. They sneak in all these weird little humorous tidbits into them, and for some reason they still feel like they fit the music to me”

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6. Of Mind and Matrix (Proponent for Sentience, 2016)

“Allegaeon’s sound is a fertile layering of precision-driven melody, and world-consuming rhythm, blanketed by the roaring and rasping of demonic vocals. It is a frenetic shockwave of colliding universes and shattered mind bits. It’s great stuff.”

5. The God Particle (Fragments Of Form And Function, 2010)

“Allegaeon’s albums contain a thematic consistency that is much more than violence and blood for the sake of shock value – not that I have a problem with those themes, Allegaeon is just different. Paranoia, destruction, and evil are blended with speculative history, apocalyptic fantasies, and science to make for very interesting lyrics.”

Fragments of Form and Function - Album by Allegaeon | Spotify

4. Behold (God I Am) (Formshifter, 2012)

“The album’s 7 minute epic opening track “Behold (God I Am)” is one of my favorite songs that begins with a calm and relaxing acoustic guitar and bass intro that soon goes into a heavy, melodic Iron Maiden-like riff, and then BAM!!! The song just punches you in the gut with an assault of powerful, ferocious riffing and jack-hammer drumming and dominating growls.”

3. 1.618 (Elements of the Infinite, 2014)

“Fantastic guitar work. The songs get a bit chaotic at times, but nothing abstract like you get with Between the Buried and Me – which are great, don’t get me wrong but some of their songs get crazy. This album is right in line with their previous CDs –which are all great as well.”

2. Proponent for Sentience III – The Extermination (Proponent for Sentience, 2016)

“I love the diversification, it’s great to see a band with as much talent as you guys have continue to create new material and on top of that, different material than what they have done in the past”

Allegaeon – Formshifter (2012, CD) - Discogs

1. Threshold of Perception (Elements of the Infinite, 2014)

“These guys blend technicality and brilliant songwriting into one cohesive, very listenable package. The talent level of these guys is through the roof. I’ll buy anything and everything they put out. Brutally heavy and relentless metal with top notch playing and a stellar production. A must have for melodic death metal fans”