Anti-Flag Albums Ranked

Anti-Flag is an American punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. The band is well known for its left-wing political activism. The lineup includes singer/guitarist Justin Sane and drummer Pat Thetic, who founded the band together; later members are guitarist Chris Head, and singer/bassist Chris Barker (#2) who replaced Jamie “Cock” Towns, who had replaced original bassist Andy Flag in 1997 following his departure one year prior. Anti-Flag is known also for their advocacy of progressive political action groups such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International, and the Occupy movement. Here are all of Anti-Flag albums ranked.

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10. 20/20 Vision (2020)

20/20 Vision (Anti-Flag album) - Wikipedia

“Anti-Flag return with a concise thirty minutes set of eleven entertaining tracks. I hear the negative commentary elsewhere, but I always enjoy Anti Flag. Their blend of direct, driving rock music interspersed with the occasional more commercial track, feeds my enjoyment of modern punk rock just fine.”

9. American Spring (2015)

American Spring (Anti-Flag album) - Wikipedia

“Anti-Flag have created an ambitious, varied album here that runs from hard-charging punk stompers (Fabled World), through shining pop numbers with amazing hooks (Brandenburg Gate) all the way to dark, ominous tunes with a hint of metal influence (Sky Is Falling). Though the sound is so diverse, it never sounds disjointed, and the whole album hangs together in a very impressive way.”

8. The Bright Lights Of America (2008)

The Bright Lights Of America - Album by Anti-Flag | Spotify

“Anti-Flag continues to impress me by releasing yet another fine album of snarling, politically-engaged punk rock. Some people don’t like punk rock in general, while others don’t like “political” punk. That’s fine. Anti-Flag is not for them. But if you, like me, are into political punk, then you owe it to yourself to pick up this cd. I have no problem putting it right up there with the work of the best political punk bands (Clash, Crass, Dead Kennedys, Subhumans, DOA, Sex Pistols, etc).”

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7. The Terror State (2003)

The Terror State | Anti-Flag

“This is a solid album with fairly poppy hooks lurking all over the place. You’d think a band called Anti-Flag would be more fierce but they are probably softies at heart with all those melodies floating around. The first two songs are classic punk tracks in my estimation, I can listen to those anyday but nothing else really comes close despite it all being pretty good. Overly political pop punk that manages a couple of great songs. I’ll take it.”

6. American Fall (2017)

American Fall - Album by Anti-Flag | Spotify

“With a cover featuring the Oval Office covered in stacks of money in the shape of a skull, it’s not hard to guess what is fueling Anti-Flag’s latest album. Since their last album’s release in 2015, the state of politics in the USA has gone from bad to worse; or rather, the kinks in the capitalist machine are starting to show. Trump has given a new confidence and a new voice to the abhorrent and odious right wing. Attacks on democratic institutions and freedom are defended by centrists in the name of free speech. this puts Anti-Flag in the position where their views seem all the more radical, even if they haven’t changed.”

5. Underground Network (2001)

Underground Network - Album by Anti-Flag | Spotify

“When I used to listen to punk, this was one of my favourite albums. Easily the best of their entire discography. “Underground Network”, “Vieques, Puerto Rico”, Stars and Stripes”, and “A Start” are all really good and really catchy songs. But the absolute best track is “The Panama Deception”. Damn, I used to listen to that song over and over and over absorbing the very well-written instrumentation and vocals. I don’t really like this type of music anymore, but if you still have a taste for punk (and are fond of leftist lyrics) this is a really good listen.”

4. Mobilize (2002)

Anti-Flag – Mobilize (2004, Red, Vinyl) - Discogs

“This album makes me crack up and cry at the same time… haha I love it. Everything they sing about in this album practically predicts the war in Iraq, and it is so ironic. “Anatomy of your Enemy” is scarily true, and “911 For Peace” sends chills up my spine. And the end of “Die For Your Government” is so crazy and random that i could barely breath, i was laughing so hard. Its much less remastered than their new album, but you get used to the sound pretty quickly. It is so great, and i really love their genuine passion for politics.”

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3. A New Kind Of Army (1999)

Anti-Flag - A New Kind of Army Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“This album is a punk rock classic for the new punks. Songs like Got the Numbers and New Kind of Army are empowering to all the people who don’t want to be a part of their society. They are in the anti-war context but that can be applied to all facets of life. This album was great when I was an unruly teenage punk and now that I’m an unruly college grad and employee it still rules”

2. For Blood And Empire (2006)

For Blood And Empire - Album by Anti-Flag | Spotify

“This one and “The Terror State” are the best Anti-Flag album. Their earlier records are not that good, and the eldest ones kinda suck: they weren’t even able to sing, and the quality was shitty. Hating a band only because now they are able to play their instrument surely better, and they can spread their ideals to more people is just nonsense! This is not 1977, and however, even the Ramones were signed to a major label. This record rules!”

1. Die For The Government (1996)

Anti-Flag, Pat Thetic, Andy Flag, Justin Sane, Joe West, Anti-Flag - Die  for the Government - Music

“This album is full of punk anthems (davey destroyed the punk scene, youd do the same) anti-governemnt rants(die for the government) straight edge songs (drink drank punk) and even a little humor (I’m being watched by the CIA). they have some fun guitar hooks and cool bass lines, but nothing amazing. Overall, Anti-Flag is one of the best punk bands today with a great message, and this is their last cd before the bassist left and is probably the closest to hardcore Anti-flag ever came. If you are a fan of Streetpunk/oi!/ or plain ‘ol punkrock. you will want to get this cd.”