Atomic Rooster Songs Ranked

Atomic Rooster is a British rock band, originally formed by members of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, organist Vincent Crane, and drummer Carl Palmer.[5] Throughout their history, keyboardist Vincent Crane was the only constant member and wrote the majority of their material. Their history is defined by two periods: the early-mid-1970s and the early 1980s. The band went through radical style changes, but they are best known for the hard, progressive rock sound of their hit singles, “Tomorrow Night” (the UK No. 11), and “Devil’s Answer” (UK No. 4), both in 1971. In 2016, Atomic Rooster reformed with permission from Crane’s widow, with the new line-up featuring two members from the various 1970s incarnations of the band. Here are all of Atomic Rooster songs ranked.

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8. Winter (Atomic Rooster, 1970)

“Great list, RockStarr. I took the liberty and added ‘Winter’ on it, not for the lyrics which I can’t say I like particularly, but for the beautiful, mesmerizing music.”

7. Break the Ice (In Hearing of Atomic Rooster, 1971)

“A truly original band with a unique sound who tragically were left chasing that bus to success that so many of their contemporaries found a seat on. Attributable in part to a perceived struggle for dominance between guitar or Hammond. “

6. Devil Walks Behind You (Death Walks Behind You, 1970)

“Moody, throbbing with a smouldering intensity, it’s a classic ‘dark’ rock track. It’s a great opener to any album, and what follows is just as good.”

5. Devil’s Answer (Death Walks Behind You, 1970)

“”For those of us that remember, Atomic Rooster was one of the first acid groups to come out after Woodstock (the real one). Devil’s Answer was a personal favorite of mine from this album though the album in whole is just as good. Good tunes, good times, great memories.””

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4. Tomorrow Night (Live and Raw 70/71, 2000)

“With a recurring short-sharp riff, background Jon Lord inspired organ-fills and a nagging cow-bell in there somewhere, it falls down a little as it goes with a “Wow, I’m really expressing myself” guitar solo and a slightly contrived proggy ending, but the riff wins in the end.”

3. Sleeping for Years (Live and Raw 70/71, 2000)

“Atomic Rooster… Great Band! Some Great Listening. Wow! If you’re into early ’70’s psychedelic, progressive, hard,blue-eyed soul rock… this is it! Awesome!”

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2. Friday 13th (Atomic Rooster, 1970)

“This is one of the best bands of the era. Not as well known as they should be. However, they get enough love from record collectors to make up for it.”

1. Black Snake (In Hearing of Atomic Rooster, 1971)

““Black snake living in a black hole, hiding from the sun, black evil hides in the darkness when the night is come.” And though the lyrics are pretty straightforward they have some psychedelic hews.”