Average White Band Songs Ranked

The Average White Band (also known as AWB) is a Scottish funk and R&B band that had a series of soul and disco hits between 1974 and 1980. They are best known for their million-selling instrumental track “Pick Up the Pieces”, and their albums AWB and Cut the Cake. The band name was initially proposed by Bonnie Bramlett. They have influenced others, such as the Brand New Heavies, and been sampled by various musicians, including the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, TLC, The Beatnuts, Too Short, Ice Cube, Eric B. & Rakim, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Christina Milian, and Arrested Development,[2] making them the 15th most sampled act in history.[3] As of 2020, 48 years after their formation, they continue to perform. Here are all of the Average White Band songs ranked.

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11. School Boy Crush (Cut the Cake, 1975)

“I can listen to it on repeat and not get tired of it. I read about this song in a book and it introduced me to their brilliance. The song is outstanding. “

10. Fool for You Anyway (Benny & Us, 1977)

“The lyrics are beautiful. The instrumentals are easily recognizable and completely unique. Awesome song. You just can’t not repeat this song over and over again.”

9. The Message (Benny & Us, 1977)

“Lyrics are on-point, and the music kinda just sways you. Am I the only one who feels high while listening to this song?”

8. A Star In the Ghetto (Benny & Us, 1977)

“The beat to this song and the guitar riffs combined make this one of the sexiest songs I’ve heard.  It’s good such intensity to it, such an emotional rollercoaster when I listen to it. Amazing.”

7. If I Ever Lose This Heaven (Cut the Cake, 1975)

“Best there is, the first song I heard from them and I got hooked instantly. Riffs and words are amazing and I personally am drawn by my personal experience to the lyrics.”

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6. Soul Searching (Soul Searching, 1976)

“This song is so smooth and strong. It got me interested in their music and the lyrics resonate with me and are relevant to things that I am going through now.”

5. Queen of My Soul (Soul Searching, 1976)

“This song is pure magic. Everything fits in so well. You are taken on a ride through some deep corner of your mind as the song builds up to an amazing climax.”

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4. Work to Do (AWB, 1974)

“This songs make me move in the rhythm. Just awesome. That chemistry between melodies and chorus. It’s good such intensity to it, such an emotional rollercoaster when I listen to it. Amazing.”

3. A Love of Your Own (Soul Searching, 1976)

“Easily The best AWB song. I have literally heard this one on repeat for hours. The lyrics are brilliant, the tune just fits. Incredible.”

2. Pick Up the Pieces (AWB, 1974)

“Awesome lyrics, Awesome drums and rhythm, this song it’s just a masterpiece. Amazing mixture of sound, lyrics and emotion, so vibrantly blended to give the listener the feeling of being high.

1. Cut the Cake (Cut the Cake, 1975)

“Nothing compares to this song. I play the signature riff for hours on my guitar. this by far the best song ever. No question that the opening beat to this song is one of the best bass openings of recent memory.”