Bad Religion Songs Ranked

Bad Religion is an American punk rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1980. The band’s lyrics cover topics related to religion, politics, society, the media, and science. Musically, they are noted for their melodic sensibilities and extensive use of three-part vocal harmonies. The band has experienced multiple line-up changes, with singer Greg Graffin being the band’s only constant member, though fellow founding members Jay Bentley and Brett Gurewitz have since rejoined, and guitarist Brian Baker has been a member of the group since 1994. The most recent additions to the band are guitarist Mike Dimkich and drummer Jamie Miller, who joined in 2013 and 2015 respectively. To date, Bad Religion has released seventeen studio albums, two live albums, three compilation albums, three EPs, and two live DVDs. They are considered to be one of the best-selling punk rock acts of all time, having sold over five million albums worldwide. Here are all of the Bad Religion songs ranked.

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20. You are (The Government) (Suffer, 1988)

“I think it’s such an amazing song. Whenever I listen to music this song is always my favourite song I listen to. Their best song. Difficult to choose a best song from a catalogue of so many top songs though.

19.Yesterday (80-85, 1991)

“I like this songs very much! It has strong and sexy beat. I listen to this song over and over when I was upset. This song is just pure genius.”

18. New Dark Ages (New Maps of Hell, 2007)

“This is one of my favorite songs and definitely the best song by Bad Religion! Love it so much! Just fantastic. Everything about this song, the music video, the song, the rhythm, amazing. Simply amazing.”

17. Part III (How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, 1982)

“Such a great song! One of the only songs I don’t mind having stuck in my head. I can’t get bored of this song, it is absolutely amazing, not to mention the lyrics.”

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16. Voice of God is Government (How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, 1982)

“One of the most amazing songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing This is the best song in the world don’t even argue with me on this”

15. Progress (No Control, 1989)

“You start thinking about the song every time there is silence Can’t stop myself listening to it, brilliant lyrics, amazing song. A masterpiece of lyric content and artwork truly inspiring”

14. Anxiety (No Control, 1989)

“Amazing song it’s the best I’ve never stopped listening to it The best song. Incredibly sexy and just amazing in general. Awesome vibe, when the beat starts, it just melts your ears.”

13. Big Bang c

“A great song, great vocal harmonies, may not be the best, but needs to be higher on the list. Give it a listen. This should be the most iconic Bad Religions song ever.”

12. Anesthesia (Against the Grain, 1990)

“Just listen to it. It’s their musical magnum opus. Melody line is perfect, really catchy, despite not being as powerful as other BR songs. Pure perfection.”

11. Do What You Want (Suffer, 1988)

“Love the lyrics! Short but powerful! Beautiful, strange and gorgeous. Best of best! Great song, can’t actually stop listening to it”

10. Supersonic (The Process of Belief, 2002)

“The rhythm is awesome. I could listen to the guitar riff all day. Punchy as hell. Great opener. Great song. Good rock song. I like the guitar voice.”

9. No Control (No Control, 1989)

“A really really catchy songs. if you hear this thingy, you’re absolutely want to repeat and repeat and repeat it again. so far the best song of Bad Religion.”

8. Generator (Generator, 1991)

“This band is amazing. songs are amazing and everything is amazing about them. and this certanly one of their best song. I can’t stop listening it.”

7. Sorrow (The Process of Belief, 2002)

“This song just makes me so happy to hear and gives me almost a feeling of nostalgia, even the first time I heard it. It’s amazing.”

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6. I Want to Conquer the World (No Control, 1989)

“This song is bouncing with energy and quite possibly a lyrically over-looked masterpiece. You can play it a thousand times and it never gets old.”

5. Punk Rock Song (The Gray Race, 1996)

“Such a catchy song. Great lyrics, lots of meaning, but not too hidden. Not too dark, not too light.. I think that this one is just right. Definitely my favourite. Well done boys.”

4.You (No Control, 1989)

“The song might sound silly, but the lyrics are damn deep. Just trynna follow the lyrics and you’ll know why this song is the best song ever by Bad Religion”

3. 21st Century (Digital Boy) (Against the Grain, 1990)

“One of the best videos ever made. The song itself is even better. Great harmonizing. This is such an upbeat song, with quite dirty lyrics. It is one of my favorite BR songs, but then again I love all of their songs.

2. Infected (Stranger Than Fiction (Deluxe Edition Remastered), 1994)

“This song is great. Its title is appropriate as the guitars and hooks of the song are very infectious. A somewhat dark song, but also beautifully written and incredibly catchy.”

1. American Jesus (Recipe for Hate, 1993)

“This is definitely my favourite by far. It has a great opening theme that got stuck in my head immediately. It has great lyrics and I can’t stop singing it over and over again.”