Awolnation (stylized in all caps) is an American rock band, formed and fronted by Aaron Bruno, formerly of Under the Influence of Giants, Home Town Hero, and Insurgence. The band is signed to Better Noise Music, formerly being signed to Red Bull Records, and their first EP, Back from Earth, was released on iTunes on May 18, 2010. They released their first studio album, Megalithic Symphony, on March 15, 2011; it featured their most notable hit, “Sail”, which peaked at number 17 on the billboard hot 100, number 4 on the BillboardRock Songs chart, and number 5 on the BillboardAlternative Songs chart. The song has been certified 6× platinum by the RIAA  and has sold 6,000,000 copies in the United States. As of February 29, 2016, the album has been certified platinum. The band’s second studio album, Run, was released on March 17, 2015. The band’s third studio album, Here Come the Runts, was released on February 2, 2018. Their fourth studio album, Angel Miners & the Lightning Riders, was released on April 24, 2020. Here are all of the AWOLNATION songs ranked.

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20. Swinging from the Castles (I’ve Been Dreaming…, 2012)

“This is my most played song out of 800 songs on my phone. True masterpiece. I love this song”

19. MF (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“This song is awesome. Just added it to my playlist for running and I keep playing it on repeat. One of my personal favorites.. I love the mix of soft and rockier parts!”

18. Seven Sticks of Dynamite (Here Come the Runts, 2018)

“I just keep coming back to this one. It’s the epitome of everything I love about Awolnation, and serves as a big, fat middle finger to anyone who thinks a song shouldn’t be longer than three minutes.”

17. Jailbreak (Run, 2015)

“This is one of my favorite songs of all time. It is also one of the fastest songs to grow on me. It only took m a couple times listening to it, to be one of my favorite songs, and I only listened to it a couple times! It’s the only song I listened to by them so far, so maybe in the future, I will choose some other song by then, but for now, this is the best!”

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16. Run (Run, 2015)

“Listen…This song is very good. But, people on vine…( don’t get me wrong, they are hilarious) usually don’t even hear the whole song! They say “Oh ya, I know that song”… Do you really? I was really shocked when I first heard it on vine. But at the same time I was happy. But… I asked some people… They didn’t even know it was a real song, which upsets me. But nonetheless an amazing breakthrough on vine for AWOLNATION!”

15. Shoestrings (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“This song is really good and its meaning is good and true. can’t wait for more good songs like this”

14. Knights of Shame (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“This is EASILY AWOLNATION’S best song (as of Fall 2013). It has a little bit of everything: a catchy intro, piano breakdown, and even some 90’s style rap. Aaron Bruno called it “an epic for people with A.D.D., ” meaning there isn’t much space on the album–there is always some captivating content to listen to.”

13. Guilty Filthy Soul (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“This song hits me and resonates so hard! I love it! Arguably their best song they’ve ever created. Amazing Song.”

12. Handyman (Here Come the Runts, 2018)

“As someone else said, beautiful song. More stripped-down, simple and straightforward. One of the best (alternative rock) songs I’ve ever heard.”

11. Kookseverywhere!!! (Run, 2015)

“Should be higher up on the list. This song is awesome. This song just rocks! If you haven’t heard this live then you haven’t lived!”

10. Passion (Here Come the Runts, 2018)

“Lyrics behind the song are extremely emotional, and when the drums kick in it just makes this song perfectly..”

9. Burn It Down (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“This high paced song just increased my adrenaline level! Great guitar riff. In this track, AWOLNATION shows his ability to craft a beautifully made song.”

8. I Am (Run, 2015)

“Very motivational and amazing at the same time? Yeah. I can’t believe I first heard that song from the Red Bull commercial. It would have made a great song for the Super Bowl halftime show, even if Awolnation may not be fans of Patriots, Eagles, or any other NFL team.”

7. Like People, Like Plastic (Run, 2015)

“This song just genuinely touches my heart in the strangest of ways. It’s a song one must relate to properly in order to really understand and enjoy it.”

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6. Wake Up (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“This is honestly my favorite on the album, amazing lyrics and an awesome melody. I love all of Awolnation’s songs, and Sail is a great song but Wake Up really takes the prize for me. It’s one of those catchy songs I’m always coming back to.”

5. Jump on My Shoulders (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“This song is honestly better than Sail. I love this songs upbeat rhythm and the power it has after the intro.”

4. Not Your Fault (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“This is an amazing song. it makes me so angry that only sail has been recognized when there are so many other amazing songs by Awolnation.”

3. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) (Run, 2015)

“This is their greatest song. The mixture or hard rock and alternative is awesome. The guitar and screaming towards the end is awesome.”

2. Kill Your Heroes (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“A catchy song about how everyone will go eventually, but we still need to carry on like it may be our last day. The lyrics and melody contradict each other in such an amazing way. Pure genius song.”

1. Sail (Megalithic Symphony, 2011)

“Any of Awolnations songs are great because of his soothing, unexpected, beyond great voice but this one really sticks out. This song is so unique and unexpected you just have to hear it over and over.”