Bad Songs Ranked

Bad is the seventh studio album by American singer and songwriter Michael Jackson. It was released on August 31, 1987, by Epic Records, nearly five years after Jackson’s previous album, Thriller (1982). Written and recorded between January 1985 and July 1987, Bad was the third and final collaboration between Jackson and producer Quincy Jones, with Jackson co-producing and composing all but two tracks. With Bad, Jackson departed from his signature groove-based style and high-pitched vocals. The album’s edgier sound incorporates pop, rock, funk, R&B, dance, soul, and hard rock styles. Jackson also experimented with newer recording technology, including digital synthesizers and drum machines, resulting in a sleeker and more aggressive sound. Lyrical themes on the album include media bias, paranoia, racial profiling, romance, self-improvement, and world peace. The album features appearances from Siedah Garrett and Stevie Wonder. Here are all of the Bad songs ranked.

Relive the music of the one and only “King of Pop”. Click below and enjoy his most memorable songs.

10. Just Good Friends

“A superb duet between two of the most talented vocalist ever! Stevie Wonder and MJ sound great together as their voices compliment each others very well. A up-tempo funk,r&b,pop, and soul song that won’t dissapoint! But it is the worst song of the album.”

9. Liberian Girl

“A great ballad by MJ. A mellow song that showcases MJ’s vocals wonderfully. Another creative song (Who would ever think of a song like Liberian Girl?)”

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8. Speed Demon

“MJ’s most creatively written song ever! I know it’s a big statement but if you look at the lyrics you will wonder how he wriiten a song like this and made it interesting. Who else could write/sing about driving? Note: Some people might not like this song because of it’s abstract message (i have yet 2 find out what this song is about!)”

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7. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

“A great MJ classic. It’s rumored that Quincy was trying to get Whitney Houston for this track. Do you know how much better this song will be with Whitney? Nobody never even heard of Siedah Garrett before this song, which is why it is somewhat a dissapointment because she isn’t on MJ’s vocal level. I also wish to hear more MJ on this song, which is why i like it when he performs this song.”

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6. The Way You Make Me Feel

“The Way You Make Me Feel ALWAYS makes me dance and sing along, and it’s a type of song that never gets old. You can listen to it a million times in a row and still won’t help but sing along with it while listening to it for a million and first time!”

5. Dirty Diana

“This is such a great song by MJ that is often overlooked. I dont even like rock but I can’t help but get pulled into this song every time i hear it. It makes me wanna play a guitar or something!lol This song really shows that MJ can conquer any musical genre he wants.”

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4. Another Part of Me

“Another great up-tempo song by the King Of Pop. It instantly makes you want to move in some kind of way, with its infectious and catchy music. Songs like this is how MJ earned his name as the King Of Pop.”

3. Bad

“MJ starts the album with one of his best up-tempo songs ever! His confidence bursts out in this song when he says things like, “They say the sky’s the limit, and for me it’s really true.” One of the best lines ever in music! Plus I know everyone has had a moment when they acted a fool trying to dance like Michael to this song.”

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2. Man in the Mirror

“Easily one of if not the best song on this album. Which is really saying something since most people really enjoy his up-tempo dance songs. MJ puts so much soul in his vocals it makes you believe that he really cares, which he does. This song gives me goose bumps as it gives me such a powerful feeling inside. Also his best vocal performance on this album.”

1. Smooth Criminal

“Great song. It’s one of those songs that becomes better because of a good (nah scratch that, great) video. It’s a catchy song but not much vocal complexity on MJ’s part but its still a MJ classic.”