Dangerous Songs Ranked

Dangerous is the eighth studio album by American singer Michael Jackson. It was released by Epic Records on November 26, 1991. Co-produced by Jackson, Bill Bottrell, Teddy Riley, and Bruce Swedien, the album was Jackson’s first since Forever, Michael (1975) to not be produced by longtime collaborator Quincy Jones. Featured appearances include Heavy D, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, Slash and Wreckx-n-Effect. The album incorporates R&B, pop and new jack swing, a new genre in vogue at the time. Elements of industrial, funk, hip hop, electronic, gospel, classical and rock are also featured. Twelve of the album’s fourteen songs were written or co-written by Jackson, discussing topics like racism, poverty, romance, self-improvement, and the welfare of children and the world. Jackson won three American Music Awards at the 1993 American Music Awards, including the inaugural International Artist Award. Jackson also received Billboard Music Awards for Best Worldwide Album and Best Worldwide Single for “Black or White”. Here are all of the Dangerous songs ranked.

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14. Can’t Let Her Get Away

“The song starts out great but loses steam towards the end of the song. Plus the lyrics are so freaking repetitive, it gets annoying after a while, i only listen to this song on occasion. still a good song.”

13. Gone Too Soon

“A sad, deep, emotional song that touches my soul. I’m a real naturey person and can relate about rainbow fading away, or a comet blazing across a sky. This song makes me sad as it makes me realize that nothing last forever, including MJ himself and I think about his death everytime I hear this song. It makes me cry. Beautifully sung.”

12. She Drives Me Wild

“Remember the Time, in which Michael reinassance is recognisable, and an oriental inspiration for the tune shows the quality of Jackson as a songwriter, in obscure songs like She Drives Me Wild he really hits the spot, even including a great rap that really fits the song (the same cannot be said about the annoying Black or White, with the terrible rap that boasts lines like ‘where your blood comes from is where your space is…’).”

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11. In the Closet

“A new change for MJ as he talks about sensuality. MJ vocals on this track are great and different as he whispers most of the verses, but his adlibs on this song are great. Makes you instantly wanna dance. One of the best tracks on “Dangerous”

10. Will You Be There

“An excellent song, with a long intro (which is uneccesary), but the song makes up for it. MJ goes back to his pop-gospel roots on this song and it seems as if MJ’s vocals just soar on this song. An excellent message about caring for others.”

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9. Why You Wanna Trip on Me

“An excellent song about social problems, and society’s problems. MJ geniuously meshes rock and new jack swing together, which is a weird combo, but it works.”

8. Dangerous

“A great up-tempo song about sexual temptation from a woman. Only MJ can talk through half of a song and still make it interesting! But the music just makes me want to dance it’s so addictive and fun. Just a great dance, pop song.”

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7. Keep the Faith

“An excellent pop record that talks about believing in yourself, and the record convincingly makes you believe it. The only record on here that sounds 80s. It’s a pretty good song I guess, maybe just a little to poppy for me, a bit more soul in this song would make it better.”

6. Heal the World

“After this new slump, normal in an album with so many songs, a theme of great beauty and a heartfelt song to nature arises. “Heal the world” represents a beautiful song to nature that would progressively worsen in later works.”

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5. Remember the Time

“Probably his best up-tempo song on the album. The intro is so famous that in the first 2 seconds you know you’re listening to Remember the Time before the music begins. Vocally, this may be his best vocal work on the album, as well since his Thriller days (Lady In My Life).”

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4. Who is It

“Reminds me of a 90s, new jack swing version of a “She’s Out Of My Life”. Which is why it is so great, it has such much emotion in the song and in MJ’s vocals, it sounds like he’s about to cry. The song has so much emotional depth, MJ brilliantly makes you feel what he felt while writing this sad song. One of my faves!”

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3. Jam

“The album opens up with an up-tempo dance record. MJ is talking about some serious topics on this song, which makes this song more than just a dance record, it has a message behind it. The Heavy D rap is well-placed. Excellent song.”

2. Black or White

“Great song that makes me feel good inside. Idk why but maybe because the song sounds so fun, and in turn makes you wanna have fun. MJ sounds like he’s having fun. The song really makes you think about races and our stereotypes of each other.”

1. Give in to Me

“This song starts of great. It loses a bit of steam towards the end of the song. A very edgy, rock record that didn’t become a hit unlike its predecessors (Beat It and Dirty Diana). Which it shouldn’t because its not as good as them but still a good song. To me it sounds like he’s maybe trying to hard for another rock hit.”