Bananarama Albums Ranked

Bananarama is an English new wave group from London formed in 1980 by friends Sara Dallin, Siobhan Fahey, and Keren Woodward. Their success on both pop and dance charts saw them listed in the Guinness World Records for achieving the world’s highest number of chart entries by an all-female group. Between 1982 and 2009, they had 30 singles reach the Top 50 of the UK Singles Chart. Fahey left the group in 1988 and formed Shakespears Sister, best known for the UK number one “Stay” (1992). She was replaced by Jacquie O’Sullivan. This line-up had UK top five hits with “I Want You Back” (1988) and a cover of The Beatles’ “Help!” (1989), recorded with comedy duo French and Saunders for the charity Comic Relief. They also had further hits with “Love, Truth and Honesty” and “Nathan Jones”. In 1989, they embarked on their first world tour and had another hit with a new remixed version of “Cruel Summer”. In 1990 and 1991, they had further top 30 chart hits with “Only Your Love”, “Preacher Man” and “Long Train Running” and a new studio album Pop Life which featured these 3 singles and a fourth single “Tripping on Your Love” which was released soon after the album. After O’Sullivan’s early 1992 departure, Dallin and Woodward then continued Bananarama as a duo, with a further top 30 hits including “Movin’ On” (1992), “More, More, More” (1993), “Move in My Direction” (2005) and “Look on the Floor (Hypnotic Tango)”. Fahey rejoined Bananarama in 2017 and they toured the UK and North America between November that year until August 2018. Here are all of Bananarama’s albums ranked.

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10. Viva (2009)

Bananarama - Viva (Deluxe Expanded Edition) | daddykool

“What makes this album sound so distinctly different? Keren Woodward chose to stay in the background a bit more and let Sara take the reins – while its not as vocally jarring as say, letting Siobhan’s post-SS voice take charge (though I could almost goo myself over the idea of her and S-S-S Single Bed) it’s a bit rawer, rougher, and certainly adds a new tinge of weariness to the material, which is a very nice thing indeed. Overall, a much nicer ride than “Drama” (which was a nicer ride than either Exotica or Ultra Violet), and probably their best since “Pop Life” – no mean feat.”

9. Please Yourself (1993)

Please Yourself - Wikipedia

“I think that’s the best album of BANANARAMA. 10 great songs arranged and produced by Stock & Waterman. Various dance songs like “Movin’ on”, “Last thing on my mind”, “Is she good to you” are my favourites and some others slow songs like “Let me love you one more time” and “I could be persuaded”. Give a chance to this album, one of the greatest forgotten pieces.”

8. Ultra Violet (1995)

Bananarama - Ultra Violet | Références | Discogs

“As the occasional Bananarama fan (I bought their first two records on vinyl) I have always been slightly amused by the output of these girls and the devotion of some maniacal Bananarama fans – so I picked this up cheap and it is GREAT! GREAT! WOW! “Every Shade Of Blue” is one of their top 3 best singles – a true gem. This is a very interesting recording and quite satisfying all around! Go Girls!”

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7. Exotica (2001)

Bananarama – Exotica (2001, CD) - Discogs

“This one took a few listens to grow on me, and I’m a VERY big fan of the gals. However, I really like it now. They are pretty heavy into the techno-sound now. The remakes of old songs are to be viewed as playing around and experimentation. If you don’t expect an “improvement” on the originals, you won’t be disappointed.”

6. Pop Life (1991)

Bananarama – Pop Life - Classic Pop Magazine

“One of the best albums by Bananarama. Every track of this album is worth listen to. Preacher Man and Only Your Love are the best songs on the album. I bought the CD before the beginning of my senior year in 2013 and it was awesome to listen. The group bringing disco to the early 90s proves that Bananarama is one of the greatest girl groups of all time.”

5. True Confessions (1986)

Stream Bananarama - True Confessions (Mission Groove Revelation Mix) by  Mission Groove | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

“A surprisingly under-raved, under-reviewed dance pop album, in my opinion. True Confessions is an opus; the whole album is cohesively upbeat, with a very signature eurodance drum machine sound held together by airy, soaring melodies and countermelodies of the female vocalists. Really innovative synth design and that really nice gated-reverb 80s drum machine programming throughout. Tracks are each very fully fleshed out. It feels like late summer. Bright, upbeat maximalist femme disco pop/dance with almost melancholic lyricism. A+ title track.”

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4. Wow! (1987)

Wow - Album by Bananarama | Spotify

“Bananarama’s album is great but didn’t top it over their third album True Confessions. “I Heard a Rumour” “Love in the First Degree” and “I Want You Back” are the gems of the album. The rest are pretty dull to me if you ask me. When I listen to “Nathan Jones” I completely forgotten about that I placed it on my playlist of the songs by the group. Another reason I rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars is because of the departure of Siobhan Fahey and the overproduction of SAW. This is one of their best efforts so far in their careers and one of the best efforts of the 1980s.”

3. The Greatest Hits Collection (1988)

Bananarama - The Greatest Hits Collection -

“Great cd of Bananarama greatest hits. Used mainly in the car for those long journeys. It’s amazing how many timeless tunes are on this double cd. If you feel like being a bit nostalgic get this. You wont be disappointed!”

2. Bananarama (1984)

Bananarama Bananarama UK CD album (CDLP) (392685)

“Bananarama’s self-titled sophomore album is one of my very favorites. The album shows political lyrics throughout the album. Cruel Summer, Rough Justice, and King of the Jungle are truly awesome. My favorite from the album is personally Hotline to Heaven. Bananarama has just prove that they made higher than their debut album Deep Sea Skiving other than fun pop.”

1. Deep Sea Skiving (1983)

Deep Sea Skiving (Blue Vinyl) | Just for the Record

“When I first listen to this album, I was like this album is a mediocre. When I listen to it again like three times, I was like “this is one of the best decent debut albums I have ever heard.” It shows the blend of new wave and pop mixed in a force of the 80s.”