Beyond the Blue Neon Songs Ranked

Beyond the Blue Neon is the ninth studio album by American country music artist George Strait and 12th overall. It was released by MCA Records on February 6, 1989. It is certified platinum by the RIAA, and it produced the singles “Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye”, “What’s Going on in Your World”, “Ace in the Hole”, and “Overnight Success”. While the first three singles all reached Number One on the Billboard country charts in 1989, “Overnight Success” was a #8 for Strait in 1990. “Hollywood Squares” also charted at #67 in 1990 based on unsolicited airplay. Here are all of Beyond the Blue Neon songs ranked.

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10. Oh Me, Oh My Sweet Baby

“It’s not a terribly complex song lyrically, but with the full band swinging on it – check out that fiddle and piano, especially! – it’s irresistibly fun. This song is once again one of my faves on the album, perfectly written. If it had been on a different cd, it would have been out of place.”

9. Angel, Angelina

“You will not find a solo number with the saxophone but you can hear it in almost every song. Even George Strait said once in a article that he feels at that time this was the best album he had ever done and that is so true.”

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8. Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye

“The slower songs here are just as effective as the ditties. Lead single “Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye” is a truly perfect recording that has as much power today as it did a quarter century ago.”

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7. Ace in the Hole

“Ace In The Hole” is an an interesting song, something of a cross between, Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” and Billy Joel’s “The Stranger” complete with western swing (Perhaps the most neglected Strait masterpiece).”

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6. Hollywood Squares

“Funny song about jumping from woman to woman and paying for it later in life The best song is Hollywood Squares, which is a cleverly written tune with a great melody and an abundance of wit.”

5. Too Much of Too Little

“My least favorite on the album, but that’s saying nothing, still a great song. If you are a big George Strait fan than you have to own this cd because this has got to be his best work of the 1980’s.”

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4. What’s Going On in Your World

“What’s Going On in Your World” is one of the greatest drunk dial songs ever written, though I don’t think anyone necessarily thinks about it as being one. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t heard this song, you know how it is (for those who haven’t, see: fantastic)”

3. Leavin’s Been Comin’ (For a Long, Long Time)

“I absolutely love this album! George is the best and I love all of his music but especially the older stuff like this. One of George Strait’s very best songs, I hope when he’s through recording, that this will be on his masterworks”

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2. Overnight Success

“Overnight Success” was the single to break Strait’s #1 streak, peaking at #8 on Billboard.  Great romance song, or should I say romance, gone but not forgotten, very catchy, very well written”

1. Beyond the Blue Neon

“In Beyond the Blue Neon George Strait delivers one of the best of his always strong collections. The title cut (another in his long line of “Blue” songs) swings with a hint of jazz and blues but does not stray from traditional country.”