George Strait Albums Ranked

George Harvey Strait Sr. (born May 18, 1952) is an American country music singer, songwriter, actor, and music producer. George Strait is known as the “King of Country” and is considered one of the most influential and popular recording artists of all time. He is known for his neotraditionalist country style, cowboy look and being one of the first and most prominent country artists to bring country music back to its roots and away from the pop country era in the 1980s. Strait has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. His certifications from the RIAA include 13 multi-platinum, 33 platinum, and 38 gold albums. His best-selling album is Pure Country (1992), which sold 6 million (6× platinum). His highest certified album is Strait Out of the Box (1995), which sold 2 million copies (8× Platinum due to being a box set with four CDs). According to the RIAA, Strait is the 12th best-selling album recording artist in the United States overall. Here are all of George Strait albums ranked.

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10. Something Special (1985)

“The Chair is one of those rarities in music – a hit song without a chorus. It illustrates a slick progression from a chance encounter to a blossoming romance. Dance Time In Texas, while being not a standout lyrically, showcases three different styles of music in its run, uptempo swing, waltz, and a standout Cotton-Eyed Joe. Finally, Lefty’s Gone is a touchy, moving tribute to the late Lefty Frizzell. Among the others, Something Special became an instant wedding song, and Last Time and Redneck Feelin’ Blue are solid at their respective styles.”

9. Troubadour (2008)

“This album doesn’t top any of his previous three releases, but it’s right there with them. The twelve songs are uniformly strong, although this album is a bit on the mellow side compared to the previous trio. This album is smooth as a milkshake on a hot summer day. It’s almost impossible to dislike a George Strait album, and this one is no different.”

8. Here For A Good Time (2011)

“George Strait has some of the best people in the business producing and recording his songs, the sonics and fidelity are always top notch, could not be better. This album is no exception. The songs on the album are typical George, new never before recorded numbers. The album is a pleasure to hear, but then I have never been disappointed in a George Strait album before, so I expected as much and was not let down one tiny bit.”

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7. Beyond The Blue Neon (1989)

“On Beyond the Blue neon it seems that every song you hear just seems to get better and better. If you are a big George Strait fan than you have to own this cd because this has got to be his best work of the 1980’s. If you have a gripe about how some people complain that all of Strait’s cd’s sound the same hear Beyond the Blue neon because this cannot be missed.”

6. Ocean Front Property (1987)

“OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY was the first album on which George Strait used his stage show backing band, Ace in the Hole. They played on all three of the album’s singles: the terrific title song, as well as “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” and “Am I Blue”. There’s a subtle, but distinct, looseness to the instrumentation on those three cuts that befits those tracks – particularly “Am I Blue”, which could have fallen flat as too straightforward a song, but in the hands of Ace in the Hole becomes a delightful little romp.”

5. Strait Country (1981)

“This album combines two sure-fire winners: Dean Dillon’s formittable songwriting and Mr. Strait, country music’s purest voice. Most of the songs on the album can even be appreciated by folks who generally don’t care for country. If you fall into this category, you’ll do well to check out Blame It On Mexico, I Get Along With You, Friday Night Fever, and If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger. These songs could almost be categorized as soft rock/easy listening.”

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4. Blue Clear Sky (1996)

“The hit title song, “Blue Clear Sky”, about finding true love when you least expect it, is an enjoyable, upbeat song. The ballad “Carried Away”, the rodeo song “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”, and the waltz “King Of The Mountain” were also huge hits off the record, and George does all of them well. The other songs here are the breakup song “I’d Just As Soon Go”, the upbeat honky-tonk numbers “I Ain’t Never Seen No One Like You” and “Do The Right Thing”, the reflective songs “Rockin’ In The Arms Of Your Memory” and “She Knows When You’re On My Mind”, and the romantic song “Need I Say More” which closes the album. These are all solid, powerful songs.”

3. Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind (1984)

“This album is a country standard and the cornerstone of George Strait’s career. We all know and love the singles (the title track, “The Cowboy Rides Away,” and the irresistible “The Fireman”), but it’s the rest of the album that really shines. It’s certainly more than “filler.” “Any Old Time” is a quick, breezy, fun sing-a-long with playful fiddle and guitar work. “I Need Someone Like Me,” “Honky Tonk Saturday Night,” “I Should Have Watched That First Step,” and “What Did You Expect Me to Do” are toe-tapping honky-tonk numbers; songs you might think you want to skip until you get about ten seconds into them and start singing along. “Love Comes from the Other Side of Town” juxtaposes a light-hearted melody and arrangement with a pretty serious subject, cheating. Kind of like the country version of a punk rock idea, I guess. Regardless, it’s too catchy to ignore.”

2. The Road Less Traveled (2001)

“There are a couple hits on this one that we heard on the radio… “Run,” and “Livin and livin well.” Both great songs, and both very representative of the rest of the album. The tone is set off right from the start with “Run,” and that carries the album. Its still real country, its still George Strait. “

1. Strait From The Heart (1982)

“Strait From the Heart is a classic – almost every track is catchy and infectious. From the opening track, Fool Hearted Memory, to the very end it is difficult to find a low point – every track is timeless. The only low point is the poor sound quality on a few of the tracks, especially Steal of the Night, but this is small beer compared to the feel good impact of this album.”