Great White Albums Ranked

Great White is an American hard rock band, formed in Los Angeles in 1977. They gained their name from the Great White Shark. They got their popularity during the 1980s and early 1990s. The band released several albums in the late 1980s and gained airplay on MTV with music videos for songs like “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”. The band reached its peak popularity with the album …Twice Shy in 1989. The band continued to release new material into the 1990s, although none of their material charted in the United States. The band broke up in 2001. Soon thereafter, lead singer Jack Russell started to tour with Tony Montana, Robby Lochner (Rob Halford), Dan McNay (Montrose), Dicki Fliszar as “Jack Russell’s Great White”, a group which doesn’t include the band’s co-founding guitarist Mark Kendall. Great White made headlines when in 2003 a Rhode Island nightclub at which they were playing caught fire due to their negligence, leading to the deaths of 100 people, including band member Ty Longley. Great White reformed in 2006. In 2011, Russell left the band, starting to tour again as “Jack Russell’s Great White”. As of August 2008, Great White estimated they had sold around 8 million records worldwide. Here are all of Great White albums ranked.

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10. Can’t Get There From Here (1999)

“This Album is a great testimonial to the overall talent,style,and magic that GREAT WHITE brought to rock music fans all over the world. The songs are mature and well written, both musically and lyrically. I don’t understand why this excellent album did not receive more support and publicity from the music industry, and from the so-called Rock Radio stations around the world. This is music that will reach into your mind, heart, and soul.”

9. Thank You… Goodnight! (2002)

“Thank You… Goodnight! (Knight Records/2002) is an inspired live performance from Great White. This performance was billed as the group’s “farewell” gig. The show was staged at the Galaxy Theater, in Costa Mesa, California, on New Year’s Eve, 2001. The recording features thirteen songs, each of which benefit from very good concert sound quality. There are two previously unreleased cuts added in the set list: “Back On The Rhythm” and “Play On”.

8. Hooked (1991)

“Brilliant album from the band Great White, this album has a lot to offer, it has the rockers, the ballads, and the in betweens, songs like : Call it rock n`roll, the original queen of sheba, cold heated lovin`, lovin`kind, congo square, and desert moon make  this a timeless classic”

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7. Great White (1984)

“The signature track from the set is “Stick It”, which received limited national radio exposure upon release of the Great White album. Other hot cuts include re-recorded versions of “Out of the Night” and “On Your Knees”, plus the stealth “Streetkiller”. A cover of the Who’s “Substitute” sounds somewhat out-of-place here. “

6. Live In London (1990)

“Great White’s Live in London is a rare disc that includes an awesome live version of the Angel City classic “Face the Day”, as well as such shark staples as the moody “House of Broken Love”, “Move It” and “All Over Now”. Great White may not have been original, but they could lay it down live with authority.”

5. The Best Of Great White: 1986-1992 (1993)

“This album showcases the Great White that radio didn’t or won’t play. If you like hard rock ballads and flat-out hard rockers, all with more than a hint of blues, then you will love this album. “Rock Me” in itself is worth the price. Seriously. This was my first GW album, purchased in 1993, and I have since bought all of their others. This is a great intro, but be prepared to buy other GW after you give this album a listen. Listening hint: When playing “Rock Me” and “Face the Day”, TURN IT UP!”

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4. Shot In The Dark (1986)

“This album rocks, I like the guitar giving the metal hard rock edge throughout all the songs. Easy to see this as being the predecessor of the direction they went. I think “Shot in the Dark” (from the title of their album) is even better. This song blew me away. It’s awesome! This song should be just as popular as Ozzy’s same title song “Shot in the Dark”. Of course they are two very different songs. The cd also starts off with a really good song “Shake It”, which you won’t be able to shake the music out of your mind.”

3. Psycho City (1992)

“The Psycho City album includes several lengthy, slow blues-based numbers, highlighted by “Maybe Someday”, “Old Rose Motel”, “Doctor Me”, “Love Is a Lie”, and album closer “Get on Home”. While the group will never out-do the moving slow burner “House of Broken Love”, from the Twice Shy disc, the boys don’t fail to deliver here. The Pyscho City recording is energized by rockers, such as “Step on You”, “I Want You”, “Big Goodbye”, and the boogie infused title track.”

2. Once Bitten… (1987)

“”Once Bitten” is a collection of heavy rock party tunes – not quite metal, but with enough memorable riffs to please fans of the genre.  Some of the songs are quite cheesy, but it contains some gems.  Great White is not one of the best rock bands of the 80s, but they definitely weren’t one of the worst.”

1. …Twice Shy (1989)

Twice Shy is a strange album. For one thing it’s too long. The inclusion of a Rolling Stone’s medley is completely superfluous and, even though a good version, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” isn’t a necessity. Their own material is full of infectious grooves and superbly crafted solos – the band have been blessed with a very fine guitarist in Mark Kendall. “Heart The Hunter”, “Mista Bone” (guess what that’s an analogy for!), “Move It”, “Baby’s On Fire” and “Highway Nights” are fabulous slices of steamy rock and “The Angel Song” is one of the best power ballads ever laid down. But it’s the breathtaking “House Of Broken Love” which puts this on a different plain.”