Blink-182 – ‘ONE MORE TIME…’

The saga of Blink-182 has been extremely well-documented in recent years. After an original hiatus in the wake of their 2003 self-titled LP that eventually ended when drummer Travis Barker almost died in a helicopter crash, the band pulled together for one more record ‘Neighbourhoods’ in 2011 before frontman Tom Delonge left, leading to Alkaline Trio singer Matt Skiba taking over for the next two releases ‘California’ and ‘Nine’. But after bassist Mark Hoppus received a cancer diagnosis in 2021, Delonge rejoined the band as they look to continue their legacy on their ninth studio album ‘ONE MORE TIME…’, a record that has more finality than ever before.

When Delonge originally left, it felt like Blink-182 were already running on borrowed time. Even with the positive response to Skiba’s place in the band, they instantly lost that bite that made them such an impressive force in their initial years. But with ‘ONE MORE TIME…’ the first release from the band’s most recognisable trio in twelve years, it is clear that they are not what they used to be. While the emotive and progressive ideals of their most beloved work remains scattered throughout here, it is done with a lack of immediate passion they once processed, leading to this feeling like a shadow of their former selves.

While it still has some moments that set them apart from the commercialised pop-punk sound of today, ‘ONE MORE TIME…’ feels more like a curtain call than a vibrant reunion. Drenched in ballads and sombre songwriting, it seems like they are finally gearing up to say goodbye for good.