Metric – ‘Formentera II’

Ever since they first emerged near the start of the century, Metric have been one of those enigmatic names that dazzle and shine, but strangely never found the world-dominating commercial acclaim they so thoroughly deserved. Instead the four-piece have stayed true to their cult roots, delivering a wondrous array of synth-rock offerings that have rarely seen them falter in their twenty-year tenure. And after the rousing response to their previous LP ‘Formentera’ last year, they look to follow it up with the equally dazzling ‘Formentera II’, a record brimming with bright and immersive textures.

While the release has been named as a sequel to their previous effort, ‘Formentera II’ isn’t simply a continuation or collection of offcuts from its predecessor. Rather than go in for the broad and anthemic gems that made up the bulk of their last LP, this new collection sees them in a more alluring and progressive light. Honing more of the smoother and more groove-laden ambition they have shown in the past, their newest outing is a vibrant return to their more pop-focused aesthetics, creating a wonderfully engaging listen throughout.

Although it may not have the same intense appeal as its former incarnation, ‘Formentera II’ still stands as a remarkably fresh and progressive endeavour. Even after two decades of critically-adorned releases, Metric show they are still very much on top of their creative game here.