Blink-182 Songs Ranked

Blink-182 is an American rock band formed in Poway, California in 1992. Since 2015, the lineup of the band has consisted of bass guitarist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Barker, and guitarist and vocalist Matt Skiba. Founded by Hoppus, guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge, and drummer Scott Raynor, the band emerged from the Southern California punk scene of the early 1990s and first gained notoriety for high-energy live shows and irreverent lyrical toilet humor.

Blink-182 is considered a key group in the development of pop-punk; the band’s combination of pop music melodies with fast-paced punk rock featured more radio-friendly accessibility than prior bands. The trio has sold over thirteen million albums in the United States, and over 50 million albums worldwide. In 2011, The New York Times asserted, “no punk band of the 1990s has been more influential than Blink-182”, and even as the band receded after its 2005 split, “its sound and style could be heard in the muscular pop-punk of Fall Out Boy or in the current wave of high-gloss Warped Tour punk bands, like All Time Low and Maine.” Here are all of Blink-182’s songs ranked.

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20. Aliens Exist (Enema of the State,1999)

“Fun song, I like how Tom shows curiosity in this song about believing in aliens. It brings a new aspect to the song. It at first shows what everyone thinks, then it shows the aspect of this song. And Tom killed it with the guitar.”

19. Dysentery Gary (Enema of the State,1999)

“This song simply expresses the feeling of an immature person realizing he lost the love of his life. Love, jealousy, immaturity and foolishness meet in a single song to make this one of Blink 182’s greatest masterpieces.”

18. Bored to Death (California, 2016)

“Probably one of their best songs to date. An excellent comeback song and is worthy of at least being in the top 10 or 20. Skiba’s vocals outdo Toms in my opinion, Toms past it and skiba’s a breath of fresh air.

17. Dumpweed (Enema of the State,1999)

“One of Tom’s best guitar intros yet, it reminds me of having an awesome summer day, it makes me feel happy, it always gets me in a happy mood and cheers me up. Tom has such an awesome voice. And the lyrics are funny and mostly true!”

16. Anthem, Pt. 2 (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)

“All three members did beyond incredible with their instruments, Tom’s catchy guitar intro that makes me break the replay button, Mark’s chilling and catchy bassline near the last time the chorus and is repeated and the beginning, and Travis’ fast and catchy drumming. Tom showed emotion and put so much effort with the vocals. This song is beyond amazing, it is a masterpiece that deserves to be number 1 and be remembered.”

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15. Josie (Dude Ranch, 1997)

“Catchy song, and I love how fast paced it is. Great guitar intro, nice bass intro, and the drumming is so fast, it gives me an actual punk vibe. The lyrics are pretty fun, usually when this band makes love songs, they make them meaningful and relatable. I love Tom’s voice in this song, and Mark did a great job carrying on the whole song.”

14. Down (Blink-182, 2003)

“Great music video that reminds me of Grand Theft Auto. Plus, the song has a beautiful melody, and Tom’s vocals are great and show emotion while Mark sounds calmed down. For a love song, the lyrcis in this are meaningful and great.”

13. Stockholm Syndrome (Blink-182, 2003)

“There depression theme and the amazing combination of the bass/guitar/drums really brings out the instrumental side of the song, but the vocals take it to an all new level. When used in combination with the song ‘Violence’ and the interlude to Stockholm Syndrome, it is just amazing. This song made me want to visit Stockholm”

12. Man Overboard (The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!), 2000)

“This song will always be number 1 for me. Everything about this song is awesome. It deserves a higher position than this. This song is what blink is all about. And the lyrics is super cool”

11. Always (Blink-182, 2003)

“Everything in this song just works. There’s so many layers to it like Tom’s awesome guitar playing, Mark’s phenomenal bass and Travis’ amazing drum intro. Mark also adds different vocal harmonies which really add to the sound of the song.”

10. Carousel (Buddha, 1994)

“This song just DEFINES the meaning of old school pop-punk and blink at its beginning, the bass and guitar riffs are the most awesome ones I’ve ever heard, the lyrics are so perfect that anyone can relate to them, and the energy put onto the drums just makes me wanna pogo dance in the middle of my room every time! So in my opinion it’s the best blink 182 songs ever..”

9. The Rock Show (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)

“This showcases the awesomeness that blink-182 is. It’s catchy, upbeat, and fun. Pop punk perfection. The chorus is so catchy. I can’t find myself singing it. The song is plain raw fun and honestly, “

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8. Stay Together for the Kids (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)

“This song hits me in the feels. The transition with Tom’s guitar blasting into my headphones gives me goosebumps every single time. Everything from Mark’s deep vocals, Travis’ amazing beats, and Tom’s whiney voice blend together and make a work of art.”

7. First Date (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001)

“So catchy, the chorus is the best of all the blink songs (in my opinion). Also a big fan of always, adams song, I miss you, feeling this and dammit. Great songs but this is the standout for me! Like seriously it’s the best song you can listen to when your getting ready to go out somewhere.. It’s actual amazing”

6. Feeling This (Blink-182, 2003)

“This song is awesome and really is amazing. Though lyrics may be a little repetitive, this crazy song that makes you want to dance and scream brings you on a roller coaster of Blink 182, and definitely describes their young, immature, crazy characteristic as one of the best skate punk bands of all time!”

5. All the Small Things (Enema of the State, 1999)

“This is amazing. It captures the angst of teenage years where everything seems to be so important and every little thing that goes wrong seems to push to thinking something morbid. I’m so glad blink existed. I don’t think I’ve ever connected with any band as much as I have with them”

4. Dammit (Dude Ranch, 1997)

“The lyrics are phenomenal. What makes the lyrics even better is that it was written in 5min. This song is genius. It defines Blink of what people feel what Blink is all about, having fun and growing up. It was the start of their success. If it wasn’t for this song a lot of people wouldn’t even know who Blink-182 was.”

3. Adam’s Song (Enema of the State, 1999)

“There are no words that can describe how much this song means to me. The message at the end that “tomorrow holds such better days” and how the music builds to delivers that message is just beautiful. I can listen to this over and over and not get tired. Tom on guitar and Marks vocals are second to none.”

2. What’s My Age Again? (Enema of the State, 1999)

“This song in my opinion is definitely the best song (ever). It was originally called “The Peter Pan Complex” because of the band’s refusal to grow up. The lyrics are awesome and it is rare to come by a song that describes that this great. It describes almost every kid and convinced me to never growing up.”

1. I Miss You (Blink-182, 2003)

“This song has everything a good song needs to have, instrumental use, outstanding vocals, and well written lyrics. This is one of my favorite songs. Though this does not have much of a punk vibe, I still appreciate this song for being a pure musical. The lyrics are memorable and quotable, Tom and Mark’s part in this song is outstanding, and Travis has good drumming in this song.”