New Found Glory Albums Ranked

New Found Glory (formerly A New Found Glory) is an American rock band from Coral Springs, Florida, formed in 1997. The band currently consists of Jordan Pundik (lead vocals), Ian Grushka (bass guitar), Chad Gilbert (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Cyrus Bolooki (drums). Longtime rhythm guitarist and lyricist Steve Klein departed from the band in late 2013. During their lengthy recording career, the band has released ten studio albums, one live album, two EPs, and four cover albums. Emerging as part of the second wave of pop-punk in the late 1990s, music critics consider them a key pioneer of the genre. Often labeled the “godfathers of pop-punk”, AllMusic credits them for “practically serving alongside the work of Blink-182 as the blueprint to the entire genre for the early 2000s.”  Alternative Press has praised the group for their “innovative and entirely irresistible fusion of punk melodies and hardcore breakdowns.” As such, New Found Glory is considered highly influential in the development of the sub genre easy core. Here are all of New Found Glory albums ranked.

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8. Resurrection (2014)

“This album is for anyone who’s ever enjoyed any of New Found Glory’s albums. Resurrection is a throw-back to the self-titled and Sticks and Stones album days, but still with a new freshness that only comes from being a veteran band on the rock scene. I was super excited about this album from the minute I heard “Selfless” and couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the album that, I hoped, would sound like the released single.”

7. Radiosurgery (2011)

“This is a great album of pop rock awesomeness. I say this because I really don’t see them as a punk band from a musician stand point. They are very well versed in all musical styles, which makes them able to put out songs that encompass all genres. This is just a flat out good pop rock album.”

6. Nothing Gold Can Stay (1999)

” I must say that this album must definitely be hailed as a much more classic version of that album. “Nothing Gold Can Stay” will appeal to anyone that says that “Cheshire Cat” is Blink-182’s best album. New Found Glory’s self-titled is one of those that is well produced, and due to the almost lack of producing on this previous creation, it stands out as a sort of novelty in the genre.”

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5. Makes Me Sick (2017)

“This is a great album. Different from NFG’s normal pop-punk fair but in all the right ways. This album is a must for any New Found Glory fan! Expect music in the style of the Coming Home album…but better.”

4. Coming Home (2006)

“The best part about this album is that it’s a music chocolate box, where you never really know what you’re going to get, like the rock ballad, “Boulders” or the pure power pop excellence of “Connected,” which ranks as the highlight. The best is every song has something to give, and it’s hard to find a bad one in the bunch. You have your normal radio-friendly tracks like, “Hold My Hand,” and the acoustic, poppy “Too Good To Be” but it all comes off great. The album also never disappoints, moving from track to track.”

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3. Catalyst (2004)

“With “Catalyst”, New Found Glory shows that they can combine the intensity of melodic hardcore with the catchiness of pop-punk and throw some great music your way. This album seemed to be a big influence on such more recent bands as Escape The Fate and A Day To Remember, both great bands in my opinion. Well that about sums up this review, but if you want an awesome album that hopefully you’ll listen to at least almost as much as I do, get this! Thanks for the time, and peace.”

2. Sticks & Stones (2002)

“It’s a great rock album, one that deserves a listen. If you want to listen to the lyrics and mope on how your life is also pathetic, then by all means, buy it. If you want to get to know the songs so you can catch the Florida quintet in concert, do not hesitate. Songs like “Understatement”, “My Friends Over You” (the first single) and “It’s Been a Summer” are the perfect concert-anthems. Many songs are slower, notably “The Story So Far”, a retrospective piece with impressive acoustics.”

1. New Found Glory (2000)

“his is a record about looking forward to new things and moving forward in your life.” While not as good as “Nothing Gold can Stay” it has it’s own merits and it is better than Sticks and Stones. Believe me, this CD is actually worth listening too. These guys may not be “punk” music wise, but if you ever meet these guys in person, they’re some of the most hardcore guys I know. They use the pop-punk image to get kids into the scene and hopefully have them discover other bands such as Minor Threat and Black Flag. Keep it up NFG.”