Alkaline Trio Albums Ranked

Alkaline Trio is an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Since 2001, the band has consisted of Matt Skiba (vocals, guitar), Dan Andriano (vocals, bass), and Derek Grant (drums, vocals). In 2010, the band released This Addiction on its own label Heart & Skull and Epitaph. Recorded in the band’s hometown of Chicago, with early producer Matt Allison, the album was a conscious effort by the band to return to their punk rock roots; it became the highest-charting album of their career, debuting on the Billboard 200 at No. 11. In 2011, the band celebrated its 15-year anniversary with the release of Damnesia, which featured new, acoustic-based recordings of songs from across the band’s career. The band’s eighth studio album, My Shame Is True, was released on April 2, 2013. Here are all of Alkaline Trio albums ranked.

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8. Is This Thing Cursed? (2018)

“This album is so fantastic it feels like they have a completely new energy. There is some perfectly utilized guitar effects, nothing synthetic but truly amazing and eerie. Such as the last song “Krystalline” their is some guitar sounds that leaves you with a very ominous feeling. I do not skip any songs, this will go down as a fan favorite.”

7. Agony & Irony (2008)

“With AGONY & IRONY the band manages to hold onto their integrity, something that they lost sight of during CRIMSON, and take this album’s sound and production quality back to MAYBE I’LL CATCH FIRE’s level. In fact, the album really reminds me of a more mature MAYBE I’LL CATCH FIRE, and it’s a nice change coming right off of CRIMSON.”

6. Goddamnit (1998)

“This debut album, shows off a talent and sense of confidence most bands on the scale they were at at the time couldn’t even hope to touch. This album is great from front to back. Much more raw than anything they released since. It’s not as well composed but that actually serves it well.”

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5. Alkaline Trio (2000)

“Alkaline trio is one of the greatest bands out on the scene today and unfortunately this is their greatest effort to date even though they have put out very good records since i don’t think any will top this one. Mix one part Jawbreaker, one part Morrissey and one part misfits and you have the alkaline trio. Heartbreak, bloody murder and drinking basically just like any other 20 something american. Best songs are: “goodbye forever”, “getting over you”, “97” , “my friend peter”, and “bleeder”.

4. Good Mourning (2003)

“Good Mourning is the fourth Alkaline Trio studio album. All of their albums are incredible, but each is a step forward musically, including this one. They have become much more mature, moving beyond typical boy/girl subject matters. The common theme here is death, yet despite that, these songs are much more melodic (especially the vocals). Depending on your taste this is either very good or very bad.”

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3. Maybe I’ll Catch Fire (2000)

“MAYBE I’LL CATCH FIRE is a nice transition between GODDAMNIT! and FROM HERE TO INFIRMARY because it takes Trio back to their bones. MAYBE I’LL CATCH FIRE was written and produced in a short span of time and it stripped everything unnecessary away to produce a clean and more honest feeling. A bold move for a second release from the band since it surprised fans so much by changing the Chicago Punk style that GODDAMNIT! perfected, but a good move none the less.”

2. Crimson (2005)

“Crimson” is a great rock record. The songwriting is varied enough to keep it from being a monolithic sound blast, yet it rocks like a champ. The opener “Time to Waste” opens almost classically before Matt Skiba’s electric guitar blasts and lyrics that sound in harmony with  Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, “I had time to kill; it’s dead & buried; You’ve got guts to spill, but no one trustworthy.”

1. From Here To Infirmary (2001)

“A classic Alkaline Trio album. One of the best in their discography, no doubt. Most of the themes involve death or bad relationships. Some also involve a certain amount of self-loathing; but these are the themes that attract fans in the first place, and it’s all expertly done.”