Taking Back Sunday Albums Ranked

Taking Back Sunday is an American alternative rock/emo band from Long Island, New York. The band was formed by guitarist Eddie Reyes in 1999. The band’s members are Adam Lazzara (lead vocals), John Nolan (lead guitar, keyboards, vocals), Shaun Cooper (bass guitar), and Mark O’Connell (drums), accompanied by Nathan Cogan (guitar) for their live performances. Nolan and Cooper left the group in 2003 before rejoining in 2010. In 2014, the band released their sixth studio album Happiness Is to positive reviews. The album reached number 10 on the US Billboard 200. In 2016, they released their seventh album Tidal Wave. Here are all of Taking Back Sunday albums ranked.

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6. New Again (2009)

“New Again does not have the dual vocals that I have come to love, but it is still Taking Back Sunday and still has some very catchy tunes. Swing is by far my favorite song with its great guitar riffs and amazing lyrics and vocals. New Again shows how the band has matured and the direction they are heading in.”

5. Taking Back Sunday (2011)

“This album is great. All the songs are interesting from a lyrical and musical standpoint. I find myself relating to them very well. I’ve been a fan since 2002 and this album, while slightly different than some of the others, does not disappoint. I feel that TBS is one of the most underrated bands out there.”

4. Happiness Is (2014)

“the album shines as an example of this band’s ability to stay relevant to a maturing fan base while maintaining that charm we loved as teenagers. Each song feels so much like listening to “Where You Want to Be” and “Tell All Your Friends” but with a cleaner and stronger voice behind it. Truly feels like the band has grown with me in a way, but that could be the nostalgia colored lenses.”

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3. Louder Now (2006)

“‘Louder Now’, Taking Back Sunday provides an honest rock album. While it is a departure from their first and second albums, Taking Back Sunday proves they can be successful once again. More clear cut than ‘Where You Want to Be’ and less dramatic than ‘Tell All Your Friends’, ‘Louder Now’ is more dark and violent. This means there are more potent lyrics and belting guitars, which I am a sucker for.”

2. Where You Want To Be (2004)

“Lyrically, Where you want to be has evolved into a dark but anthemic album. Where as Tell all your friends were mostly brash unrefined songs that were sung with a short of chip on their shoulder. Although the cd was classic great songs, compared to ‘Where you want to be’, it seems almost immature.”

1. Tell All Your Friends (2002)

“Taking Back Sunday’s “Tell All Your Friends” proves a strong first effort. The listener will see growth between songs like “The Ballad of Sal Villanueva” and “One Way Conversation” on the EP/demo and the songs on “Tell All Your Friends.” What is genuinely beautiful about the album are the heartfelt lyrics and storming guitars. The layered vocals add a lot to the music.”