Born of Osiris Albums Ranked

Born of Osiris is an American progressive metalcore band formed in 2003 in Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Ronnie Canizaro, guitarists Lee McKinney & Nick Rossi, drummer Cameron Losch, and keyboardist/vocalist Joe Buras. Born of Osiris has played at various festivals including the Summer Slaughter Tour (2008, 2009, 2015, and 2018) and the Music as a Weapon Tour 4. The group underwent several name changes, including Diminished (2003–2004), Your Heart Engraved (2004–2006), and Rosecrance (2006–2007), before finally settling on Born of Osiris in 2007, basing the name on the Egyptian deity Osiris and the tale of his son Horus. Here are all of Born of Osiris albums ranked.

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7. The Simulation (2019)

Album Review: Born of Osiris – The Simulation – Where Strides The Behemoth?

“Thoughtfully edgy lyricism, mid-tempo and weird placed chug chugs, tasty but generic sweeping sections, robotic Djent passages and kinda unnecesary sci fi additions that make the songs more cheesy most of the time. It has some cool ambiance textures on the background, like in “Silence the Echo” and its artificially spacey chorus, or the Gojira-inspired string sweeps that add some personality and “Disconnectome” with that excellent choired futuristic outro.”

6. The New Reign (2007)

Born of Osiris - The New Reign Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“This album has blown me away for years and it still does to this day, with songs like “Empires Erased” the double kick and heavy chugging on that song blows me away. as well as “Abstract Art” which in my opinion is still one of the greatest keyboard interludes i think ive ever heard! so original and soo inspiring. “Bow Down” Epic vocals and the sense to punch the fuck out of someone’s face.”

5. The Eternal Reign (2017)

Born Of Osiris - The Eternal Reign (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

The New Reign re-recorded. Sure, it sounds better but I cannot even fathom the point. I honestly refuse to listen to this version over the original in the future. Don’t care. One new song here, “Glorious Day”. It’s pretty good.”

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4. The Discovery (2011)

Born Of Osiris - The Discovery - Music

“Not in an overly-brutal bad way either – there’s more than enough melody and hooks in here to satisfy my more conventional music tastes. Although the whole thing is an orgy of technical riffing and rhythms, somehow it still manages to come off sounding “right”, rather than the usual unlistenable forced wankery of math metal.”

3. A Higher Place (2009)

A Higher Place - Single by Born Of Osiris | Spotify

“The first thing that I noticed about this album was the fact that the production got a whole lot better, it actually helped the music as oppose to the debut which sounded like another deathcore band. The keyboards are more prominent on this album as it gives off more of an atmospheric feel to it, something that I enjoyed the most about this album. The guitar work is much more improved as riffs are catchier and there is more of a progressive lining to the music. “

2. Tomorrow We Die Alive (2013)

Tomorrow We Die Alive - Album by Born Of Osiris | Spotify

“From a listener who has developed a fairly strong core musical background, I can vouch that this album is excellent. Let’s face it, the music is first and foremost Deathcore. That means you will hear a lot of single chord chugs, breakdowns, and fairly repetitive drumming.”

1. Soul Sphere (2015)

Born Of Osiris - 'Soul Sphere' CD – Sumerian Merch

“This album is a perfect example as it is kinda hard to distinguish the tracks from each other. Couple that with a 46 minute run time and things tend to get a bit samey. Not that this is a new problem, it’s been plaguing them for a while. In fact, there is very little to differentiate this from the last album. Still, it’s a good one but perhaps one of their weakest. It’s still really enjoyable and maybe some people will love it but I couldn’t find a single great song here.”