Brad Paisley Songs Ranked

Brad Douglas Paisley (born October 28, 1972) is an American country music singer and songwriter. Starting with his 1999 debut album Who Needs Pictures, he has released eleven studio albums and a Christmas compilation on the Arista Nashville label, with all of his albums, certified Gold or higher by the RIAA.  He has scored 32 Top 10 singles on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart, 19 of which have reached number 1. He set a new record in 2009 for the most consecutive singles (10) reaching the top spot on that chart. Paisley has sold over 11 million albums and has won three Grammy Awards, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, 14 Country Music Association Awards, and two American Music Awards. He has also earned country music’s crowning achievement, becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Paisley also wrote songs for Pixar’s Cars franchise (“Behind the Clouds”, “Find Yourself”, “Collision of Worlds” (along with Robbie Williams), “Nobody’s Fool”, etc.). Here are all of Brad Paisley’s songs ranked.

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15. Letter to Me (5th Gear, 2007)

“I love this song, just cuts straight to the bone to all the good stuff. It’s all about life and wishing you could have made things different, but it turns out kinda alright anyway. I also feel like vocally, Brad has grown over the years, which gives this songs even more depth. Great song to get lost in.”

14. Waitin’ on a Woman (Time Well Wasted, 2005)

“Another beautiful song from Brad Paisley! Every time I hear this song I smile like the fool I am and am crying tears of joy by time the third verse starts. I just watched the music video for the first time and oh my God! The ending made me cry even harder! I hate it when there are sad endings to good things! Brad is so good at bringing out people’s emotions while listening to his music, and this is an excellent example!”

13. I’m Still a Guy (5th Gear, 2007)

“He isn’t bashing gays, he’s saying he wants to be a “man” and he wants his girl to remember who he is. He’s talking to the girl asking her to not try to change him. Why would the girl want him to be turn into a homosexual? By “guy” he means a “man” , not a heterosexual person.”

12. When I Get Where I’m Going (Time Well Wasted, 2005)

“A positive death song done as a duet with the queen of Country. It became Brad’s 5th number one hit as well as Dolly’s 25th and last one. It’s a nice song dealing with the mystery of passing away and not a tearjerker, even non-Christians can like this.”

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11. Mud on the Tires (Mud on the Tires, 2003)

“Nice #1 hit for BP that he wrote with Chris DuBois. A nice laid-back feeling and good Country subject, getting back in the nature with yer truck and get dirty to enjoy life at its fullest is a good thing to do – not as catchy or anthemic as some of his best songs but a good keeper.”

10. We Danced (Who Needs Pictures, 1999)

“The single that put Brad Paisley on the map – his first single and a top 20 Country hit, alright!?. It’s classic Country heart song subject matter about a man who can’t erase the memory of his lost love, he doesn’t even need pictures to remind him of what he lost, get it? Seriously it’s a great crying in your beer ballad that paints images – the kind of timeless song that hopefully will be around forever.”

9. I’m Gonna Miss Her (Part II, 2001)

“Hilarious little song, now there’s a novelty that can stand up to his ballads. A misogynous song about a man who has to chose between fishing and his wife not leaving and in the end picks fishing – yeah it’s a great fishing song like the title says.. the video is also hilarious with guests from Little Jimmy Dickens to Jerry Springer. This shuffle is one of the things that makes Brad a great traditionalist and one of Country music’s most loveable guys today.”

8. Ticks (5th Gear, 2007)

“I guess sometimes Brad just writes a song around a word and sees what happens, this is what seems to have happened here and it still works at this point of his career. A good lovin’ song that’s really catchy..”

7. She’s Everything (Time Well Wasted, 2005)

“The usual romantic ballad single that Brad has to do every once in a while. Simple structure (he just lists what “everything” is supposed to be and dedicates it to his lover), simple message, noble sentiments and sincere delivery make this a winner and another #1 hit for Brad.”

6. Perfect Storm (Moonshine in the Trunk, 2014)

“Brad Paisley what more needs to be said. This is perfect song to describe a woman. I was not that thrilled with this song at first but the more I hear it grows on me.”

5. Remind Me (This Is Country Music, 2011)

“Another Brad Paisley duet but Carrie is surely in any way more attractive than the old guys from Alabama. In spite of her weird falsetto in the first chorus, this is a strong duet with classic potential and I don’t need to tell you that this will be a big one.. it’s the two biggest stars and representatives in Country today, label mates and cma-awards co-hosts for several years. Brad plays good guitar here and Carrie sings it all out, it’s all about reliving the days when love was young and free (think Conway Twitty’s “Crazy in Love” or other songs) and it’s a real duet for once and a good place holder as there is no current Carrie single and we the fans are waiting on her new album..”

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4. Wrapped Around (Part II, 2001)

“Simple good old Honky Tonk song about falling in love and wanting to get married. Of course this up-tempo shuffle can’t have the same subtleness as his ballads like “We Danced”, it’s more a fun dancing song to do-see-do and celebrate to. Has enough catchy hit-potential for all I care “

3. Whiskey Lullaby (Mud on the Tires, 2003)

“Now there’s a song: Written by old-school legend Bill Anderson together with Jon Randall, it is one of Bill’s biggest statements of his second career revival as a Country songwriter. Country renaissance man Brad Paisley got the song and recorded it together with Bluegrass renaissance woman Alison and it’s a poignant story it tells. Not cheesy, but home-hitting indeed.”

2. Beat This Summer (Wheelhouse, 2013)

“The best “summer” song yet!!! It’s all about a summer spent with someone special and how it goes by too fast. That he will never have another summer like the one he had with the girl…”

1. Alcohol (Time Well Wasted, 2005)

“This is a good laid-back song about one of the greatest and most miserable things in the world and Brad knows how to put these dual feelings together in a song. Well in the end it becomes more a party song with all that sing-a-long instead of another depressing “Whiskey Lullaby” and it just might be for the better. Take it with a bit humour just don’t overdo it. It’s a bit weird that this stands in contrast to Brad’s own drink-free lifestyle, but hell I love “Alcohol” and play this a lot and I also love the “make white people dance”-line, so true..”