Brownsville Station Albums Ranked

Brownsville Station is an American rock band from Michigan that was popular in the 1970s. Original members included Cub Koda (guitarist/vocalist), Mike Lutz (guitarist/vocalist), T.J. Cronley (drummer), and Tony Driggins (bassist/vocals). Later members included Henry “H-Bomb” Weck (drummer) and Bruce Nazarian (guitarist/vocalist). They are remembered for the top-10 hit single “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” (1973). Here are all of Brownsville Station albums ranked.

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4. Smokin’ In The Boys Room: The Best Of Brownsville Station (1993)

“Brownsville Station was the ultimate garage band. They mixed country, rockabilly and blues with lyrics about partying, women and just having fun. Cub Koda (RIP) had to have had one of the best singing voices, not in range so much as in raw emotion and feeling. Listening to him makes me think he has lived each one of the songs. Rough, gritty and unpolished, perfect for good time rock and roll. This compilation contains a generous helping of their music. “Martian Boogie”, about a guy running into a Martian in a small town diner, is corny but fun. Plus, it has a nice boogie instrumental section.”

3. Yeah! (1973)

“I’ve always been most impressed with the tight “less is more” production that is Brownsville’s Station’s “Yeah!”. There’s even a guitar solo section that consists of nothing more than Cub Koda down-picking hard 8th note rhythm on a muted powerchord in place of what woulda been an ego-laiden single note solo in anyone lesser player’s hands. That said, no one is gonna put this band in the class of the far more creative power trios such as Cream, Hendrix Experience or even Grand Funk, but they were all heart. They showed that a small group of true rock devotees, with limited talents and a whole lotta drive can muster.”

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2. School Punks (1974)

“A consistently edgy followup to “Yeah”, once again the boys crank it up & take no prisoners for the album’s duration.  Cub Koda has clearly taken front & center at this point & the material benefits as a result.  Pummeling production & flawless performances all the way around.  Standouts include; “Meet Me On the Fourth Floor” & “I’m the Leader of the Gang”.

1. No BS (1970)

No BS is a mixed boogie rock record that doesn’t seek great musicality or innovation, instead, just simple, basic rock and roll with predictable melodies and all. It really isn’t poor, some moments here accomplish the fun value intended: “Rockin’ Robin”, “Blue Eyed Girl”, “City Life”, “Hello, Mary Lou”… All cool tunes that I don’t see any genius behind them but they’re quite irresistibly entertaining.”