Candlebox Songs Ranked

Candlebox is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington. Since its formation in 1990, the group has released six studio albums, several charting singles, a compilation, and a CD+DVD. Candlebox found immediate success with the release of its self-titled debut album in July 1993. Candlebox featured four singles: “Change”, “You”, “Far Behind” and “Cover Me”. “Far Behind” reached the top 20, and the album was certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA. The band’s next album, Lucy (1995), was certified gold, and Happy Pills was released in 1998. After troubles with its record company, Candlebox broke up in 2000. The band reunited in 2006 and released its fourth album, Into the Sun, in 2008. The latest Candlebox album, Disappearing in Airports, was released on April 22, 2016. Here are all of Candlebox songs ranked.

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13. Sometimes (Happy Pills, 1998)

“This sounds keep sounding better the more I listen to it. Totally agree it sounds great now and not dated.”

12. Breathe Me In (Into the Sun, 2008)

“The best song of all time. Great music. Sends a shiver through me every time I hear it. Good video as well.”

11. Blossom (Candlebox, 1993)

“It is there best song it sounds fresh today and it will stand the test of time, I don’t know if I am over emotional but when that song starts it blows you away unbelievable stuff man and I have lead a life”

10. Rain (Candlebox, 1993)

“Sees the boys at their moody best with lyrics that tell a sad, hopeful story. I never get tired of listening to this song, one of best songs ever.”

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9. Change (Candlebox, 1993)

“It has kind of a classic feeling to it and that makes it into a real deep song. His voice is beautiful in this one though. Some parts (especially the instrumentals) sound like a movie soundtrack.”

8. Don’t You (Candlebox, 1993)

“Probably the darkest lyrics they ever wrote and great musical experience. I can’t get enough of this song since the first time I’ve heard it.”

7. Best Friend (Lucy, 1995)

“Very incredible song! Without any hesitation, everyone who listens to it will say this is one of the most beautiful songs this world has and will ever hear! It’s truly unique.”

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6. Stand (Into the Sun, 2008)

“I love everything about this song! The way it starts off slow and quiet and then builds into a powerful rock chorus… Its just great!”

5. A Kiss Before Dying (Into the Sun, 2008)

“This is their best song without doubt a true aha song which means a lot to the fans I love the sadness about it.”

4. Cover Me (Candlebox, 1993)

“A mix of emotional sadness and thought-provoking Rock. A mix of genres, a revolutionary product of perfection”

3. Arrow (Candlebox, 1993)

“Beautiful but underrated, definitely the best, everyone should here it. This song is so good, this is way underrated, for me the best Candlebox song.

2. You (Candlebox, 1993)

“The whole album is exceptional and this track is mindblowing I have to say this band is so underrated and people have not appreciated them for the phenomenal songwriting”

1. Far Behind (Candlebox, 1993)

“Definitely their best overall song.. I love the lyrics and the music of this song! It’s so intense and emotional… I can listen to it over and over again…”