Candy-O Songs Ranked

Candy-O is the second studio album by the American rock band the Cars. It was produced by Roy Thomas Baker and released in 1979 on Elektra Records. Two singles were released from the album, “Let’s Go” (Billboard Hot 100 #14) and “It’s All I Can Do” (#41). The album outperformed the band’s debut, peaking at #3 on the US Billboard 200, fifteen spots higher. The cover art was done by pin-up artist Alberto Vargas. Candy-O was positively received by critics. Harry Sumrall of The Washington Post praised the album as “invigorating and enlightening” and found that Ocasek’s songs possessed a “certain adolescent charm” while avoiding “any direct allusions to ’50s rock ‘n’ roll.” Village Voice critic Robert Christgau summarized the album as follows: “Cold and thin, shiny and hypnotic, it’s what they do best—rock and roll that is definitely pop without a hint of cuteness”. Rolling Stone writer Tom Carson was more reserved in his praise, writing, “It’s almost inevitable that Candy-O, the Cars’ second album, doesn’t seem nearly as exciting as their first. The element of surprise is gone, and the band hasn’t been able to come up with anything new to replace it. Candy-O is an elaborately constructed, lively, entertaining LP that’s packed with good things. And it’s got a wonderful title. But it’s a little too disciplined, a shade too predictable.” Here are all of Candy-O songs ranked.

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10. You Can’t Hold on Too Long

“This album contains more keyboards and more of an early 80s new wave sound than the first album but the keyboards are all done tastefully and none of the songs lose their rock edge.”

9. Since I Held You

“The lead guitar at the end of Since I Held You is so beautiful it moves me to tears. Since I Held You’ is simply wonderful, with witty, charming verses contrasting with lovely, lonely guy choruses. Ric’s vocals are great but elliot really steals the show with the beautiful guitar solo in the brdige and most notably at the end of the song.”

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8. Double Life

“Double Life” resembles the Talking Heads, blending in hints of Ska Punk with New Wave, not to mention killer guitarwork and strange, yet oddly catchy vocals to make a solid rocker.”

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7. Night Spots

“I must enthusiastically agree with all the other customer reviewers who raved about this CD. Most classic rock stations play a lot of tracks from the Cars’ debut album, but Candy-O remains my favorite.”

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6. Got a Lot On My Head

“We then rock out with “Got a Lot on My Head” which featured stellar guitar work from Easton and a great song. We close with Ocasek’s most well-known vocal from the album. “Got A Lot On My Head” feature’s ‘Candy-O’s most impressive guitarwork, and Easton soars on this otherwise redundant New Wave rocker.”

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5. Lust for Kicks

“The modern pop sounding rocker “Lust For Kicks” which was one of Ocasek’s best vocal performances on the entire album. The rhythm section of Ben Orr and David Robinson couldn’t be tighter “

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4. It’s All I Can Do

” ‘It’s All I Can Do’ is the sole ballad of the album, and it is a great one. “It’s all i can do” is a great song, my personal favorite on the album. featuring great synths, drums, and another guitar solo, it is way too catchy to avoid.”

3. Candy-O

“Candy-O proved that the Cars were not one-hit wonders and gave the band their first Top 10 album and their second deservedly Multi-Platinum album here in the US. The CD version was remastered in the late 1990s by Joe Gastwirt and sounds incredible.”

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2. Let’s Go

“The New Wave anthem “Let’s Go” announces ‘Candy-O’ perfectly, with its addictive synth line and pop sensibilities making “Let’s Go” a catchy, hooky New Wave masterpiece. The opening track “Let’s Go” is very infectious with its keyboard line and would be a big hit for the band.”

1. Dangerous Type

“Dangerous Type is the final piece of a masterful puzzle that fades this gem of an album off with a 2+ minute hypnotic chorus that will leave you breathless. This album is that good!”