Chet Atkins Songs Ranked

Chester Burton Atkins (June 20, 1924 – June 30, 2001), known as “Mr. Guitar” and “The Country Gentleman”, was an American musician, occasional vocalist, songwriter, and record producer who, along with Owen Bradley, Bob Ferguson, and others, created the country music style that came to be known as the Nashville sound, which expanded country music’s appeal to adult pop music fans. He was primarily known as a guitarist. He also played the mandolin, fiddle, banjo, and ukulele. Among many other honors, Atkins received 14 Grammy Awards and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He also received nine Country Music Association awards for Instrumentalist of the Year. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. George Harrison was also inspired by Chet Atkins; early Beatles songs such as “All My Loving” show the influence. Here are all of Chet Atkins songs ranked.

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13. Chinatown, My Chinatown (Chinatown, My Chinatown, 1952)

“This song has the most meaning to me, being from a small town, grew up and dreams aren’t what they used to be. certainly my favorite.”

12. Arkansas Traveler (Arkansas Traveler, 1955)

“One of my favorite songs ever – the melody, the lyrics, everything is so catchy and it’s just one of those songs that you either want to lay in your bed and listen to on repeat for days or belt and the top of your lungs.”

11. Summertime (Sneakin’ Around, 1992)

“Definitely underrated. So strong and beautiful, not to mention the lyrics are just surreal genius. Powerful but sensitive, great voice performance, awesome lyrics”

10. Mister Sandman (The Magic of Chet Atkins., 1990)

“I adore this song! My one of my favorites of all time! Should be #1. Very catchy and fun I love the lyrics and beat. I love the heart that they put into their songs and this one definitely shows it.”

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9. Lazy River (Guitar Monsters – Chester & Lester, 1978)

“The beat is catchy and the lyrics are truthful. Every time I hear this song it makes me smile listen to it. Seriously”

8. I Remember You (Progressive Pickin’, 1964)

“This song is so catchy and was the song that got me into the killers! Absolutely love it! Always cheers me up too! Even though all his songs are amazing!

7. Honolulu Blue (Street Dreams, 1982)

“That’s one of The greatest songs I ever heard. The letter is really good, the singer voice is great, this without speaking about the melody itself. definitely one of the greatest song ever”

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6. Classical Gas (Street Dreams, 1982)

“The main lyric sounds profound but is probably meaningless. I still love it though. Love the melody The words. The voice!”

5. Sunrise (Stay Tuned, 1985)

“The letter is really good, the singer voice is great, this without speaking about the melody itself. definitely one of the greatest song ever”

4. Gravy Waltz (Progressive Pickin, 1964)

“There’s no song in the world quite like this song. It has a unique sound and feel all throughout the song, and invokes an unexplainable feeling in the listener.”

3. Bluesette (Progressive Pickin, 1964)

“Beautiful song! The picture it paints is so vivid but the inner melancholy and frustration could make me think for hours. But still there’s happiness…which is that hint of magic in life!”

2. Kicky (Progressive Pickin, 1964)

“The music and the lyrics have been in my mind since I listened this song! Catchy synth part, solid rhythm section, and the guitar fills out the background.”

1. Jordu (Progressive Pickin, 1964)

“This is by far the most meaningful Chet Atkins song, the lyrics, the music. It’s genius. Easily my favourite Chet song and up there with my favourite songs of all time.