Chevelle Songs Ranked

Chevelle is an American rock band formed in Grayslake, Illinois in 1995. The band was originally composed of brothers: Pete Loeffler (lead vocals and guitar), Sam Loeffler (drums and percussion), and Joe Loeffler (bass and backing vocals). When Joe left the band in 2005, Geno Lenardo subbed-in as the bassist until he was replaced by Pete and Sam’s brother-in-law, Dean Bernardini. Chevelle has sold over four million albums in the United States. The band’s first studio album, Point #1, was released on a small record label called Squint Entertainment. Chevelle’s second album, Wonder What’s Next (2002), was certified Platinum by the RIAA after a debut at No. 14 on the United States albums chart, Billboard 200. This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) (2004), the band’s third album debuted at No. 8 and has been certified Gold. Chevelle has since released a fourth album, Vena Sera (2007), a fifth album, Sci-Fi Crimes, (2009), and a sixth album Hats Off to the Bull (2011). Their seventh album, La Gárgola, was released on April 1, 2014. Their eighth album, The North Corridor, was released on July 8, 2016. Other releases from Chevelle include two live albums, DVDs, and a compilation of band favorites. Here are all of Chevelle songs ranked.

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20. Take Out the Gunman (La Gárgola, 2014)

“This song is not like any other song of theirs, and that really expresses their musical talent. This song is somewhat eerie and it rocks at the same time. Just listen to it, any one who love alt-metal or hard rock will love this.”

19. Comfortable Liar (Wonder What’s Next, 2002)

“If you’re looking for the heaviest Chevelle song, then hands down this is it! One of their best songs if you like their heavier stuff. This is by far one of my favorite songs by them its an amazing song and the lyrics are so good”

18. Shameful Metaphors (Sci-Fi Crimes, 2009)

“This song is so intensely beautiful, sad and mournful over loneliness yet also somewhat angry and hopeful. It builds beautifully up to the Shameful Metaphors part, the climax if you will. Seriously I love Chevelle and this song is 100 times better than their other stuff.”

17. Still Running (The Punisher: The Album, 2004)

“I’m not sure why, but ever since I first listened to this song the first time all the way through, it kinda struck me. To this day, out of all of the music I listen to (which is a whole heckin’ lot. I’ve listened to Gojira’s Magma album over 40 hours to put this in perspective…), I have never had a song hit me quite like this. The way it hit me was not by the intensity, or anything like that really. Just knowing that some of Chevelle’s best songs aren’t even singles led me to dig deeper into their discography.”

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16. Closure (Wonder What’s Next, 2002)

“Chevelle is underrated, this song is even underrated, maybe what made their music good in the first place. No matter how hard I try ( I don’t even attempt), I can’t stop listening to this song ( don’t want to either).”

15. Clones (Hats Off to the Bull, 2011)

“I love all of Chevelle’s songs but this is the one I can never get enough of, I smile every time it comes on. The bit just after the guitar solo when everything gets really quiet and then suddenly it all starts up again is just amazing. Pure skill.”

14. Family System (The Osbourne Family Album, 2001)

“This song is amazing! The guitar riff is awesome, definitely one of their heaviest. The screaming at the end is really intense. The aggression on this song is unmatched and it’s quite possibly their heaviest song ever.”

13. Well Enough Alone (Vena Sera, 2007)

“The scream in the first part it blows your mind and the guitar riff after oh $h! T the slow smooth blowing mind verses takes your breath away and the chorus”

12. Joyride (Omen) (The North Corridor, 2016)

“How can a song be so sick and catchy? It’s not fair, reminds me of Danzig’s appeal! They are like the only band ever that can tour with Bush, Metallica, and Danzig on separate two band tickets! This says a lot about Chevelle! This one of the best songs and bands I’ve ever heard!”

11. Get Some (This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In), 2004)

“This song is amazing! So energizing and Chevelle’s hardest song probably. Best breakdown ever gets me going crazy every single time. Must listen. Amazing!

10. Emotional Drought (This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In), 2004)

“God this song is so hyping. The bridge section is the best part and it’s just so full of emotion and good rythym. Love this song, one of many greats by Chevelle”

9. Jars (Sci-Fi Crimes, 2009)

“Amazingly good chorus, great lyrics and fantastic bass and guitar sounds. Pulls me into so much emotion – hands down one of the better songs from a really good album.”

8. An Evening with el Diablo (Wonder What’s Next, 2002)

“The shizzle. The way the groove goes on and on at the end, and of course there’s the patented Chevelle kick-ass chorus. The best song to blast when you wanna show people who Chevelle are.”

7. I Get It (Vena Sera, 2007)

“This song truly rocks. The tone of pete’s voice is beautiful and intriguing. The bass is heavy and rippling. The emotion is there, and the scream is perfectly timed.”

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6. Sleep Apnea (Sci-Fi Crimes, 2009)

“Guitar riffs in the beginning pull me right in! Can listen to over and over again and still get chills. Brief pause after solo is a perfect lead-in to it’s hardcore finish”

5. Face to the Floor (Hats Off to the Bull, 2011)

“Love this song! And great album also! Has that Queens of the Stone Age edge to it while still staying true to that awesome alt metal style. The first song by Chevelle I’ve ever listened to along with Closure. Might listen to more in the future.”

4. Vitamin R (This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In), 2004)

“The best chevelle song ever. Look at the lyrics dude! This is chevelle at its best. No wonder it made the top of the list! I notice sleep walking elite hasn’t been added.”

3. The Clincher (This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In), 2004)

‘The Clincher is Chevelle’s masterpiece. The last minute and a half of the song is probably the best, a mixture between great, meaningful lyrics and screaming like no one else. “

2. Send the Pain Below (Wonder What’s Next, 2002)

“This song rocks! To me its really soothing and just does wonders to my ears. It sounds like they put a lot of passion into this song. Not like they don’t on their other songs, but this one has plenty of passion. Best part is that this song never gets old. I still listen to it often.”

1. The Red (Wonder What’s Next, 2002)

“Love this song for its ability to express so much using a word choice that is relatable. This song expresses anger beyond one’s control as well as the violence and the power of anger. Being emotionally controlled is an addicting and frightening feeling.”