Chon Songs Ranked

Chon (sometimes stylized as CHON) is an American progressive rock and math rock band from Oceanside, California. Their music is largely instrumental with only a few songs containing vocal performances. The band consists of Mario Camarena (guitar), Erick Hansel (guitar), Esiah Camarena (bass) and Nathan Camarena (drums). Since 2008, they have been releasing demos via the internet. In 2010, the band began a brief hiatus, but reunited in 2011 to record two new songs, “O.G.” and “Breathe”. They returned in 2013 with the release of their debut EP entitled Newborn Sun. In 2014, Chon released their second EP, entitled Woohoo! and embarked on two consecutive nationwide tours with Animals as Leaders. Here are all of Chon’s songs ranked.

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10. The Space (Homey, 2017)

“The bass riff at the beginning of this song is my favorite. This album is already defining this summer for me. This is why chon is my favorite. you guys killed it again with this album!”

9. Puddle (Newborn Sun, 2013)

“This type of music makes me feel alive. Like I’m really living to my full potential. A feeling hard to explain, better felt. Been listening to this song for months, and i just realized there’s the super mario theme song in the middle.”

8. Fluffy (Newborn Sun, 2013)

“Every time I hear this song I can’t help but smile from ear to ear and I feel so at peace. Guitar work is always stellar, bass leaves me wanting more.”

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7. Wut the… (Poop) (Newborn Sun, 2013)

“It’s just it haha. Whether people like this song or not, they’re not gonna be able to skip it on their ipod since it’ll be done by the time you click. Man, gotta love CHON.”

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6. Sketch (Woohoo!, 2014)

“I’m feeling a lot more JRock/Eastern influence vibes from these guys on this album. It was slightly apparent on Newborn Sun, but I definitely get that with the melody starting at 0:45 on this song and the beginning of “Knot.””

5. Book (Grow, 2015)

“Chon is a very inspiring group for people of all ages, Their music is very condescending and will only improve. I can’t wait to see how successful they will be in future years coming Cause this music is great”

Grow (album) - Wikipedia

4. Perfect Pillow (Grow, 2015)

“I just feel like everyone should listen to Chon, the world could turn into a peaceful place where everyone smiles and give hugs. Every aspect of the drums in this is perfect.”

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3. Story (Grow, 2015)

“This song doesnt remind me of anything else but CHON. That being said CHON is the Giga-Original music of our generation, and this material is MIND-BLOWING!”

2. Can’t Wait (Grow, 2015)

“Sometimes it’s really refreshing to just have four chords and the truth. The great thing about this is they didn’t skimp on the guitars, bass, drums, and production.”

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1. Bubble Dream (Newborn Sun, 2013)

“I love the light, sort of xylophone sound. I heard this song for the first time this morning at like, 6:30 AM and i was half asleep but those little sounds caught my attention and i immediately asked what this song was called.”