Chon Albums Ranked

Chon (sometimes stylized as CHON) is an American progressive rock and math rock band from Oceanside, California. Their music is largely instrumental with only a few songs containing vocal performances. The band consists of Mario Camarena (guitar), Erick Hansel (guitar), Esiah Camarena (bass) and Nathan Camarena (drums). Since 2008, they have been releasing demos via the internet. In 2010, the band began a brief hiatus, but reunited in 2011 to record two new songs, “O.G.” and “Breathe”. They returned in 2013 with the release of their debut EP entitled Newborn Sun. In 2014, Chon released their second EP, entitled Woohoo! and embarked on two consecutive nationwide tours with Animals as Leaders. Here are all of Chon’s albums ranked.

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4. Homey (2017)

Homey - Wikipedia

“A super chill and catchy math-rock that really that makes me miss summer. Very easy to listen to from beginning to the end, really keeps you engaged. Love it”

3. Chon (2019)

Chon - Album by Chon | Spotify

“This album gives us a different feelings in every song, is just a mix of guitar riffs and drums, that reveal great musicians in this band. Is chill enough to make you feel smooth in a cold morning and full of riffs and different compasses to make you listen with attention to recognize how good they are. Just a great album.”

2. Newborn Sun (2013)

CHON – Newborn Sun Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

“Newborn Sun gives you just a little bit of everything it can be something to bang your head to and appreciate some heaviness and even the casual music listener who mainly just sticks to the radio can appreciate the flare and grooviness to it they definitely know there craft and even though through time they have perfected there sound they started of with an almost perfect start definitely something i can start and end my day with.”

1. Grow (2015)

Grow (album) - Wikipedia

“Chon mixes math rock and jazz here to some pretty good results. This is a guitar album: the technical and striking guitar work is the star of the show. Math rock is always weird to me, it’s not something I usually seek out, but I enjoy it whenever I hear it. Overall I’d say this is a real solid record, with the only real standout track being “Perfect Pillow”.