Polyphia Songs Ranked

Polyphia is a primarily instrumental progressive rock band based in Plano, Texas that formed in 2010. The band was originally known for classical guitar covers on YouTube. Their first EP, Inspire, and first LP Muse both show the band’s appreciation for pop music. However, both works employ more progressive metal influences than their later releases. This associated them with the djent movement, although they were characteristically less heavy and more melody-based than their peers. Their second LP studio album, Renaissance, saw the band diverge further away from metal, into more progressive rock and math rock-influenced sound. They also began to mix elements of EDM, Funk, and Hip-hop into the mix with the single LIT, a remix of the song Light, the second track on Renaissance. This sound was further developed with the release of their second EP The Most Hated and third LP New Levels New Devils, which featured production from hip-hop and EDM producers Judge and Y2K. Here are all of Polyphia’s songs ranked.

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10. Culture Shock (Renaissance, 2016)

“This track starts the album with a blast not only because of the amazing intro, but also because of the name “Culture Shock”, literally throwing you into the renaissance culture, the inspiration they took from the music at that time and the modernization of that music. Such an amazing and a masterful work of art this album is.”

9. James Franco (Muse, 2014)

“This song just makes me so happy, even after so many listens! An indelible quality of smiling-awesomeness 🙂 Every member of the band just kills it. This video is also as hilarious as it is great. It was awesome to see Tim and Scott back to back.”

8. Light (Renaissance, 2016)

“I never thought that prog metal would go so well with a pop-ish beat! Not a combination I would have thought up, but they make it work and I dig it”

Polyphia - Renaissance Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

7. Euphoria (Renaissance, 2016)

“Man, this song fills me with so much joy. That hook is just so fucking beautiful. It genuinely motivates me to practice guitar as much as possible, so that one day, I might be almost as good as them.”

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6. 87 (Muse, 2014)

“Coming back to this track after discovering them 4 years ago and this song is the one I always use as an example of how underrated Scott LePage is in terms of his playing and melody.”

5. G.O.A.T. (New Levels New Devils, 2018)

“You know a serious band when all the musicians are standing dead still, focusing only on playing and not running around headbanging (not saying that people who headbang while they play are bad just wanna admire how focused they are on their playing)”

New Levels New Devils - Album by Polyphia | Spotify

4. Sweet Tea (Muse, 2014)

“Listened to this song this year, and the first thing I thought was that it reminds me SO much of the anime K-On! with the upbeat and happy mood yet with heavy distorted guitars and bass slaps, plus the song name”

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3. Finale (Muse, 2014)

“This is probably my favorite song at this moment. I LOVE how you can actually feel how much emotion they put into this song. It may sound weird but I swear I can actually feel there soul in it. Music really is universal and this song is amazing!”

2. Champagne (Muse, 2014)

“Absolutely love this! Very cool catchy melodies as well as super fast tasty licks! Nick has such a unique sound and technique. Honestly I think champagne fits this album perfectly.”

Muse - Album by Polyphia | Spotify

1. Aviator (Muse, 2014)

“This song has been stuck in my head for a week straight. It’s literally the perfect combo of melodic and shred. I feel like when you hear an amazing song, it’s almost like a story being told and it progresses. This is that type of song!”