Chris Lake Songs Ranked

Chris Lake (born 8 August 1982) is a British electronic music producer and DJ. He rose to fame in 2006 with his hit single, “Changes”, featuring Laura V. Lake first became recognized for his bootleg remixes of The Prodigy’s “Climbatize”, Leftfield’s “Phat Planet”, and Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”, which he did under the alias Cristophe D’Abuc in 2002. By 2006, “Changes”, featuring Laura V, reached the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number 27. The track was licensed by Universal Music for a full worldwide release, where it then reached number 10 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart. His 2007 single, “Carry Me Away” (featuring Emma Hewitt), topped the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart. In 2012, Lake received his first Grammy nomination for collaborating with deadmau5 on the album 4×4=12. He scored his third consecutive top ten hits on the US dance chart with “Only One”. “If You Knew” featuring Nastala, became his 4th consecutive top 10 single on the US dance chart. In this time he also ran two record labels called Rising Music and Rising Trax, which took hiatus in 2014. Here are all of Chris Lake’s songs ranked.

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10. Free Your Body (Free Your Body, 2019)

“There are similarities with kink’s “diversion”. I don’t wanna say it’s stolen. It just reminds me and doesn’t change the fact that this track is absolutely insane.”

9. Deceiver (Deceiver, 2018)

“No word of a lie I heard this song in my dreams. Rem dreams. Typed in the words and boom it already exists. The multiverse is real. I swear I’ve never heard this song before.”

8. How Deep Is Your Love (Chris Lake Remix, 2015)

“By far the best remix that’s makes an awesome alternative to the original.. love this remix and the original.. other remixes.. arent so good.. original mix and Chris Lake’s remix is awesome”

Chris Lake and Walker & Royce team up for new EP, 'Close Your Eyes' -  Dancing Astronaut : Dancing Astronaut

7. All Night Alone (Chris Lake Edit, 2020)

“I overheard this sound, on my way back from a tiring day at work, I got goosebumps, the longing for the raves squeezed my heart, when it all comes back I’ll be there, no one understands how we love it”

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6. The Answer (The Answer, 2020)

“Perfect song for the perfect times we are in. Much love everybody. We are all one‼️ lets all unite and love one another. Love is and has always been the answer.”

5. Beat Freak (Beat Freak, 2021)

“This song makes me so happy. It’s impossible to listen to without moving your head. I love Chris Lake’s sound so much. Soon as I heard this on Night Owl radio I knew it was his tune. Absolute slapper.”

The Answer - Single by Chris Lake, Armand Van Helden | Spotify

4. Who Are You? (Chris Lake Remix, 2021)

“This song is awesome. Along with your California Love remix. Everything as always ~ and the vocals in this song are so beautiful and just perfectly fit the rhythmic and melodic changes..”

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3. Delirious (Boneless) (Neon Future I 2014)

“This song was used in a lot of movie trailers last year, including: Baywatch, War Dogs, Smurfs the Lost Village, Captain underpants, and probably many others. Why? THIS SONG IS AWESOME!”

2. Boneless (Boneless, 2014)

“Steve Aoki is great for loud, pumping EDM. One of his best tracks. I’m sure he’s also a great live show. Very catchy groove. Use it for my workout. Gets me pumped up. This is some Serious tight rhythm.”

Crazy - Album by Chris Lake | Spotify

1. Turn off the Lights (Turn off the Lights, 2018)

“The vocals are elegant and make the track quite accessible for those who aren’t as familiar with Chris’ output and general style. The drops are quite groovy as well. Love the accordion-like synth that pops in throughout the drop.”