Clean Bandit Songs Ranked

Clean Bandit is a British electronic music band, formed in Cambridge in 2008. As of 2020, the group consists of Grace Chatto and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson. Many of their projects are known for blending elements of both classical and dance music, and featuring guest vocalists. Notable collaborators include Marina, Demi Lovato, Jess Glynne, Anne-Marie, Sean Paul, Zara Larsson, Julia Michaels, Luis Fonsi, Ellie Goulding, Iann Dior, and Mabel. The band released their debut single “A+E” in 2012, followed by their 2013 single “Mozart’s House”, the latter of which reached number 17 on the UK Singles Chart. In January 2014, they scored their first UK chart-topping single with “Rather Be”, a collaboration with Jess Glynne. The song also reached number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100. In 2015, the song won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. The band’s debut album New Eyes was released in June 2014 and has received a gold certification from the BPI. Their 2016 single “Rockabye”, which features Jamaican artist Sean Paul and singer Anne-Marie, became their second number-one hit in the UK and the Christmas number one single for 2016. The song became an international chart-topper for the band, additionally charting at number nine in the US. “Symphony” featuring Zara Larsson became their third UK number-one single in 2017. Their second album, What Is Love?, was released in November 2018. As of 2016, Clean Bandit has sold over 13 million singles and 1.6 million albums worldwide. Here are all of Clean Bandit’s songs ranked.

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20. Disconnect (Disconnect, 2017)

“Love this track and the lyrics are definitely Marina’s perspective (that’s why I love her). The vocals are so on point and stunning! This song for me is the one to do anything and everything!!!”

19. New Eyes (New Eyes, 2014)

“This is an amazing album, packed full of great tunes with different styles and really talented singers. Most people will be familiar with Clean Bandit because of the Jess Glynne or Zara Larsson collaborations with the former featuring on this album but there is so much more to them.”

18. Mama (What Is Love?, 2018)

“For the people who don’t understand the song it’s about children that are raised with less love so when they grow up they will mostly copy the people that take care of them and have a different point of view in life so they make a barrier and do it to other people because of the trauma they have or lack of attention and care childhood is connected to adult hood”

Stronger (feat. Alex Newell & Sean Bass) by Clean Bandit on Amazon Music -

17. Baby (What Is Love?, 2018)

“First song I’ve ever heard from Clean Bandit on Nov 12, 2019 and I had to research the rest. This is by far the best, either the original or acoustic version.”

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16. I Miss You (538 Hitzone 85, 2018)

“The vocals by Julia Michael’s and the cello in the starting is just amazing… I also love the drop with those guitar leads….. Keep it up Clean Bandit and Julia Michael for this one”

15. Real Love (New Eyes, 2014)

“Sonically this thing is really quite solid, it’s just that the actual songwriting part is… well… not bad, but very rote. There’s just nothing really going on here, you know? I don’t really know how it’s possible to intentionally create a song so faceless and lacking in personality. At some point, don’t you ever look in the mirror and ask “What have I done?””

Clean Bandit Feat. Jess Glynne: Real Love (Video 2014) - IMDb

14. Up Again (New Eyes, 2014)

“Clean Bandit has stolen my heart, without a trace of blood. Your efficiency and beauty are unfathomable. To me, this is one of those songs that the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it.”

13. Cologne (New Eyes, 2014)

“This song features the voices of Javeon and Nikki Cislyn. Clean Bandit met the latter vocalist through the group’s studio space which is part of a council project in London where they take on trainees in music production from the local area. Cellist Grace Chatto told “Some of the trainees we had turned out to be incredible singers, Nikki Cislyn came to us that way, she’s on three songs on the album and she’s now writing for other people.””

12. A+E (New Eyes, 2014)

“This clean bandit group has some really unique beats! I love how they mix in real instrumental music with cultural sounds from round the world! I think I’ve finally found a band that’s different from everyone else, and just my style!”

Clean Bandit announce new album 'What Is Love?'

11. Stronger (New Eyes, 2014)

“Underrated! Better than the overplayed ‘Symphony’ overrated ‘Rockabye’ and the rather average but okay ‘Solo’ and is probably on par with ‘Rather Be’ if not better! Love this song so much”

10. Dust Clears (New Eyes, 2014)

“A very creative arrangement with beautiful strings melodies and on top of that a fantastic music video! Really interesting song, I don’t think I’ve heard that kind of funky bass mixed with harmonic orchestral string instruments like that, it works really well.”

9. Extraordinary (New Eyes, 2014)

“The sound is so much more different. All the stuff out from Rockabye onwards is super over-produced… sounds like anything on the radio… this track is my favorite on this album… it feels so raw but fine-tuned, every note feels carefully picked to match the next one. Bliss. This kind of music gave this band a distinct sound that wasn’t matched anywhere else. Every song on this album is like that. A sheer joy to listen to something that feels fresh.”

Clean Bandit - Extraordinary (Martin Ikin Remix)**OUT NOW** by MARTIN IKIN

8. Telephone Banking (New Eyes, 2014)

“The instruments in combination with the electric music is on point, and it’s really catchy! This song has a very addictive quality. Already listened to it twice in a row and tempted to replay again”

7. Come Over (New Eyes, 2014)

“Come Over by Clean Bandit (feat. Stylo G.) is a melodic song that includes a well-timed music collaboration. I say this because I liked the timing of the singing with the female singer and then the other musician when he was singing the come-over part. I’m guessing that Come Over is basically a carefree love song about two lovers who enjoy each other’s company. Either Way, Come Over by Clean Bandit (feat. Stylo G) is a strong music collaboration that combines dancehall and electronic beats.”

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6. Tears (What Is Love?, 2018)

“Clean Bandit has the right mix and compliments their awesome musical talent with great collaborative voices. Louisa, you make me feel so young….what a great performance.. you are an artist…!”

Clean Bandit - Tears (Khromi Remix) OUT NOW!!! by Khromi

5. Mozart’s House (Mozart’s House, 2013)

“This song is such a piece!!! It’s almost ten years from this song, and they’re still incredible artists, although most people say they’ve become commercial, maybe yes, but they still bring such great music!!!”

4. Solo (What Is Love?, 2018)

“I love Clean Bandit, and I’m really glad they’re beginning to make their voice heard in 2018. It is simply incredible how they make such unique and eccentric music. They are overlooked because they always have a featured artist. They do the songwriting and music, but they just feature singers because they want a good voice to go along with the awesome music. Criminally underrated.”

3. Symphony (Symphony, 2017)

“It’s just a pure feel-good pop song with a brilliantly catchy chorus. I’m a total sucker for this kind of thing. I really love this song. I wish I could find love like the lyrics describe.”

Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson - Symphony (Algorhythm Bootleg)  [Instrumental] 🎶 by Algorhythm Bootlegs©

2. Rockabye (Rockabye (Autograf Remix), 2016)

“Clean Bandit is my favorite group, and this my favourite song. All their songs are amazing. I hope they release their second album this year, and it can win Album of the year in the Grammys”

1. Rather Be (New Eyes, 2014)

“This song helped me through a summer depression. I was literally miles away from my best friend and often cried when she wouldn’t pick up the phone, but when Clean Bandit came on, I would start to feel better, even if some tears were shed. In other words, this song fixed my life.”