Ciara Albums Ranked

Ciara Princess Wilson born October 25, 1985) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and model. Born in Fort Hood, Texas, she traveled around the world during her childhood, eventually moving to Atlanta, Georgia, where she joined the girl group Hearsay. She later signed a publishing deal and befriended producer Jazze Pha, who recorded demos that would appear on her debut album. With his help, Ciara signed a record deal with LaFace Records. In 2006, Ciara made her film debut in All You’ve Got, and later appeared in the films Mama, I Want to Sing! (2012) and That’s My Boy (2012). In 2013, she had a recurring role in the US TV series, The Game. In 2016, Ciara signed a modeling contract with IMG. That year, she became a Global Brand Ambassador for the cosmetics giant Revlon. Since making her musical debut in 2004, Ciara has attained eight Billboard Hot 100 top-ten singles and four Billboard 200 top-five albums. She has also received many awards, including three BET Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, three MOBO Awards, and one Grammy Award. As of 2015, Ciara has sold over 23 million records worldwide. In 2016, she married quarterback, Russell Wilson. Here are all of Ciara’s albums ranked.

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7. Beauty Marks, 2019

Miley Cyrus could be playing, or crying for help, with 'She Is Coming'

“This is a cohesive album from beginning to end. It’s filled with raw self love that’s reflective, powerful anthems that make you dance and being loved intentionally, that will make your heart swell and eyeballs sweat”

6. Jackie, 2015

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“This is a very good album that boasts a lot of different beats to get down to. I have always been a huge Ciara fan from day one. I love that Ciara stays true to herself instead of trying to keep up with the latest trend in music. She also knows how to pick the perfect beats for dancing; seeing as I am a dancer myself, I really appreciate Ciara’s style.”

5. Fantasy Ride, 2009

Music Review: Ciara's Fantasy Ride needs more gas - The San Diego  Union-Tribune

“This album is a dance-pop hidden gem. All of the singles were badly chosen and are the least interesting songs on the album, not exactly bad, but nothing exciting. The rest of the 8-9 songs are really fantastic. Music that gets you really pumped and in the zone. For those who like to feel sexy and in charge. Highlights for me are Work, Pucker Up, Turn Tables, and High Price. On the same vein as Britney’s Blackout album.”

4. Basic Instinct, 2010

Ciara-BI-cover-1 | - Atlanta Entertainment Industry  News & Gossip

“This CD is unbelievably classic Ciara. She is bringin’ back “Goodies”-era Ciara with this album. “Ride” is a great track from CiCi and Luda, with a fantastic beat and slick verses. And “Gimmie Dat” has Ciara rapping over a club beat. Almost the whole cd is just great dance music. If you are looking for slow and deep, this is not it, but Ciara is at her best when she is making you dance!”

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3. Ciara, 2013

ciara-album - LargeUp

“Nearly all the songs are good and a much better improvement and huge step up from “Basic Extinct”. Fantasy Ride was okay, but this one has a much stronger, well executed output. Not to mention more songs that have replay value. It does feel like the old Ciara has come back, but with a much modern twist. I can actually listen throughout the album without skipping. The only song on here I wasn’t too crazy about was “Where You Go”. Other than that, a job well done. Keep up the good work, Ciara! I’m looking forward to her upcoming album “Jackie”. I hope the new album will be just as good as this one. Super Turnt Up should have been released as a single. Her rapping wasn’t bad at all. I actually thought it was Nicki at first.”

2. Ciara: The Evolution, 2006

Evolution, The [Us Import]: Music

“This album is amazing. The songs are good quality and I can listen to them over and over. “Promise,” “Like A Boy,” “My Love.” and so many more. She expresses her feelings through each songs and its a message, a meaning in her music. Such a talented woman.”

1. Goodies, 2004


“It’s a good album. you can listen to it from start to finish and the styles vary. jazzy Faye is all over the album he put his magic on it. you can dance to it make love to it, and just sit back as well. A good album makes you want to listen again and again and this one did it for me. Her image is cool too it’s not really easy to tell if she will continue with this style or flip into something else on her next attempt. i am satisfied with my purchase and I like her style. One of my favorite tracks is “Pick Up The Phone” it grooves.”