Cloud Nine Songs Ranked

Cloud Nine is the eleventh studio album by English musician George Harrison. The album was recorded and released in 1987 after Harrison had taken a five-year hiatus from his career as a solo artist. The hit single “Got My Mind Set on You” from this album re-established Harrison as a critically acclaimed and commercially significant recording artist. Cloud Nine was Harrison’s last solo studio album released during his lifetime, as his next album Brainwashed was released in 2002, almost a year after his death. Here are all of Cloud Nine songs ranked.

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10. Wreck of the Hesperus

“Another one I’m not sure what to say. It is a good song I just don’t know how to explain it. It has a story song feel to it.”

9. Breath Away From Heaven

“Part of it has that Old Japanese kabuki tip-toeing type sound that one would expect from a John Lennon song not a George Harrison song.”

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8. Someplace Else

“Another slow prom dance song. I almost feel it is a second John Lennon tribute song that or pinning for a lost love.”

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7. Devil’s Radio

“I think this song is making a statement about subliminal advertising and televangelist type preaching. Hidden agendas and how that evil influence. Then again maybe that is reading too much into it.”

My Sweet Lord — the song that earned George Harrison a lawsuit —

6. Fish On the Sand

“This one reminds me some of Harrison’s Tribute to John Lennon All Those Years Ago sound wise. The title and some of the lyrics sort of suggest an awkward relationship.”

5. That’s What It Takes

“This song is one of the better mixes of the Harrison solos with Lynne’s ELO sounds. The use of the harmonies gives it a soft heavenly sort of sound. It acts as a kind of preview of The Traveling Wilburys Sound.”

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4. Cloud Nine

“The first track is also the title track. It makes some sense like the tradition of naming song titles with the first line of lyrics. Sometimes there is no title track. Anyway this song I guess could be described as a sort of rock love ballad with a little bit of pep.”

3. This Is Love

“Another of the high ELO influenced songs. Part of it I almost expect to hear Roy Orbison joining in on it. Fully exposes his unique style of guitar playing and singing (as much as his voice is not and never was featured) this album for me is without doubt, the best album from a Beatle solo career”

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2. When We Was Fab

“Georges tribute song to his Beatles years. It has that signature George Harrison weirdness to it. It mixes the eeriness of the cello sounds from Eleanor Rigby mixed with the I Am The Walrus Oooohh Chorus with kettle drums just to add some bounce. It finishes with some of Georges sitar sounds.”

1. Got My Mind Set On You

“This is the second of the first two singles released from this album When We Was Fab was the first one. It is a fun but simple song. “Weird Al” Yankovic recorded the parody (This Song’s Just) Six Words Long on his Even Worse album.”