Collective Soul Albums Ranked

Collective Soul is an American rock band originally from Stockbridge, Georgia. Now based in Atlanta, the group consists of lead vocalist Ed Roland, rhythm guitarist Dean Roland, bassist Will Turpin, drummer Johnny Rabb, and lead guitarist Jesse Triplett. Formed in 1992, Collective Soul released their Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid album on the independent label Rising Storm Records in 1993. The band went from obscurity to popularity that year after the song “Shine” became an underground hit based on radio play. The album was re-released in 1994 under major label Atlantic Records. The band released Blender in 2000, their fifth album and final with the original starting lineup, as lead guitarist Ross Childress left the band in 2001. About two weeks after Childress’ departure, Collective Soul released Seven Year Itch, a compilation of their greatest hits between 1994 and 2001. Original drummer Shane Evans departed from the band in 2003. After the Seven Year Itch album, Collective Soul established their own label, El Music Group, prior to releasing Youth in 2004. The band recorded a live album with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra in 2005, titled Home, and released it in 2006. Collective Soul has since released four more albums: Afterwords (2007), a second self-titled album (2009), See What You Started by Continuing (2015), and Blood (2019). Here are all of the Collective Soul albums ranked.

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10. Collective Soul (Rabbit) (2009)

“Their songs are consistently smart (lyrics and music) and well-crafted and well-executed and fun, and their albums stand up to listen after listen. This album is no exception…actually, I may be slightly IN LOVE with this album! It has stood up to 865,234 listens so far (and I only got it last week!) and it just keeps getting better…the more I listen, the more I appreciate the band’s artistry–from creating their music to making it come to life in the recording.”

9. Blender (2000)

“Another meticulously well produced effort by the band’s frontman Ed Roland. I suspect that since their last cd, 1999’s “Dosage”, was ignored by radio and MTV/VH1, that the same fate will befall “Blender”. That’s fine. As long as Collective Soul remains an underground fan’s band I hope they continue to bring us great music like they have over the past seven years. On “Blender” the band is in top form on songs like “Skin”, “Vent”, “Why Pt.2”, “10 Yrs Later” and “Perfect Day”–a duet with a most unlikely source, Elton John. Collective Soul, or Ed Roland, creates a seamless, short song list on “Blender” that makes listening to this disc a pleasure.”

8. See What You Started By Continuing (2015)

“Give a listen to Exposed, Contagious, AYTA (Are You The Answer), Life, and This. Close behind are Hurricane and also the mellower Memoirs of 2005. Been a CS fan for 16 years and have seen them twice in concert. Never disappointed. By the way… Don’t overlook the brother’s band – Dean Roland’s Magnets & Ghosts. A slightly different, more eerie sound but also very good.”

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7. Home: A Live Concert Recording With The Atlanta (2006)

“Collective Soul is cool. Having never seen the band before this blu-ray concert, I describe some of the songs as having a religious Christian influence, especially on the song, “Shine,” probably their most familiar song. With that noted, Collective Soul definitely is a rock group, with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra adding a certain classical element to their rock songs.”

6. Afterwords (2007)

“”Afterwords” kicks off its release with the incredibly likeable and energetic first single “Hollywood”. An instant CS classic, “Hollywood” is perhaps the most upbeat the band has ever sounded, building no doubt off of the foundation established by “Youth”. Another truly stand out track on the album is “I don’t need anymore friends”, sung by a different member of the band but with every bit as much power and confidence as Ed Roland himself.”

5. Youth (2004)

“”Youth” is proof positive that Collective Soul is a band that is hard to kill. Joel Kosche fills the void left by Childress with considerable ease. He also helps to send the band into a different musical direction”

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4. Dosage (1999)

“Their most solidly accessible dosage to date is one heady elixir! “Tremble For My Beloved,” “Heavy,” “Slow,” and “Generate,” provide just the right measure of energy and punch to get that teen testosterone pumpin’. Interspersed in the mix of mainstream, edgy guitar work are newer experiments in sound that contribute to making this disc a great soundtrack for those hot summer drives to nowhere in particular, just around.”

3. Hints, Allegations, And Things Left Unsaid (1993)

“Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid is an eclectic collection of melodic rock-infused tracks, soulful ballads, and beautiful instrumental string arrangements. This record, though not as commercially viable as later releases, is a showcase of Collective Soul’s versatility and talent, and an epitaph to their idealism and integrity as an independent garage band striving to make a name for themselves.”

2. Disciplined Breakdown (1997)

“Disciplined Breakdown from Collective Soul is another terrific album by an amazing band, this album is pure fun to listen to, it is more upbeat and just a pleasure to own. I love how the song “Precious Declaration” sounds it has a very freeing and very light and bright and positive sound to it and the song should have done better, next came “Listen” the best song I feel that is on this album, this is another favorites of mine from Collective Soul, but once again ignored I think I saw the video to this once or twice and that was it, “Listen” is just a classic Collective Soul song sung great by Ed Roland and the band, but once again that is where the bands album started to fall and I don’t know how that continues to happen, with songs like “Giving”, “Blame” and “Forgiveness”, it’s hard to understand why this band cannot stay in the spotlight very long, because they write great songs and sing them very well, it’s just a shame that they have to continue to good unnoticed or maybe that’s a good thing because the true fans don’t have to share them with the rest of the public.”

1. Collective Soul (1995)

“Collective Soul’s first album, “Hints, Allegations, & Things Left Unsaid” had a major hit in “Shine.” Sort of a rock anthem. But the rest of the album was somewhat forgettable. So their second recording would answer the question, one hit wonder? Instead of turning out to be a one hit wonder they slammed it right out of the ball park with no less than 5 hits on this recording. “The World I Know,” “Gel,” “Smashing Young Man,” December,” “Where The River Flows” all got major airplay on alt. rock radio and mainstream rock stations. And the rest of the songs were memorable for the most part. You knew Ed Roland, the major songwriter and lead vocalist, and his band was here to stay after hearing this album.”