Bush Albums Ranked

Bush is a British rock band formed in London, England in 1992. Their current lineup consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Gavin Rossdale, lead guitarist Chris Traynor, bassist Corey Britz, and drummer Nik Hughes. In 1994, Bush found immediate success with the release of their debut album, Sixteen Stone, which is certified 6× multi-platinum by the RIAA. They went on to become one of the most commercially successful rock bands of the 1990s, selling over 10 million records in the United States and 20 million in the world. Despite their success in the US (especially in the mid-1990s), the band was considerably less popular in their home country – a period when Britpop groups dominated the UK charts and the appeal of the grunge sound had declined – and they have enjoyed only marginal success there. Bush has had numerous top ten singles on the Billboard rock charts and one No. 1 album with Razorblade Suitcase in 1996. The band broke up in 2002 but reformed in 2010, and have released four albums since then: The Sea of Memories (2011), Man on the Run (2014), Black and White Rainbows (2017), and The Kingdom (2020). Here are all of Bush albums ranked.

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10. Zen X Four (2005)

“Zen X Four by Bush is a live concert version of many of the hits that made the band famous such as; Machine, Comedown, Glycerine, and Everything Zen (including acoustic versions of some songs). Zen X Four by Bush is best for those who are familiar with and/or like hard rock music from the mid to late 1990’s”

9. The Kingdom (2020)

“This album rocks! Much heavier than their last album and has tons of great songs. Even though I like their heavier songs best, my favorite right now is actually the only slow song on the album “Undone”. It goes straight to the heart. Great album!”

8. Black And White Rainbows (2017)

“This is a GREAT album of music and a nice progression for Bush. I like the fact that they are not trying to remake Sixteen Stone over and over again. There are some Awesome songs here! It has an overall lighter feel, but not everything has to be dark and heavy. All and all a nice addition to an Excellent body of work from a Fantastic band.”

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7. Deconstructed (1997)

“This has been remixed with electronic sounds and a little rap edge. Its very unique! My favorite song on this cd is In a Lonely Place. This song was featured on the movie” The Crow.” Very mystical chords. The price was great and the shipping was fast! If you like unusual music, then give this a try…”

6. Man On The Run (2014)

“Man On The Run’ contains a surplus of mediocre and boring tracks, with 11 tracks clocking in at away too long 51 minutes. This album is just another snooze fest Bush release with no tricks or surprises and songs that generally go for 5 plain minutes.

5. The Sea Of Memories (2011)

“Sea of Memories is not the same Bush we used to know….it’s a Bush that has been influenced by the times and sounds around them and it works it really works. Of course there is going to haters but these are the people are the same people who want to keep hearing Glycerin or songs that sound just like it…let the band grow and change. I for one love this album and think it’s a total keeper.”

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4. The Science Of Things (1999)

“Such a unique sound and a great listen for hard rock fans. Perfect blend of hard rock & vocals with the tiniest hint of techno in there which leads to a crisp and unique sound”

3. Golden State (2001)

“There are a couple tracks on this album that might not be the best of their potential, but take off two or three tracks and you’ve still got a full album of songs you can actually feel, as opposed to the artists of today who are american idol type performers which buy/plagiarize art written by other people and take credit for it when they perform and accept grammys.If you like albums like “In Utero”, “Down On the Upside”, “Freakshow” and earlier Bush albums, you will probably like this.”

2. Razorblade Suitcase (1996)

“Razorblade Suitcase” is a good follow up to “Sixteen Stone”.The first thing I noticed about “Razorblade Suitcase” is that it has a much more raw sound than “Sixteen Stone”. The guitar riffs are loud and piercing, the whole rhythm section sounds louder and much more intense, but none of the songs on this album are as thought out are as listenable as the ones on “Sixteen Stone”. The Standouts on this album are: “Greedy Fly”, “Swallowed”, “Cold Contagious”, “A Tendency to Start Fires”, “Mouth”, Straight, No Chaser” and “Bonedriven”.

1. Sixteen Stone (1994)

“Little just has the best bass guitar, bridges and rhythm of any alternative song I heard in the ’90s. It’s as if they did the song live in one take with how the song breaks down for a second then builds back up to its crashing conclusion. Gavin is very versatile on this album with how he performs the songs vocally. Sometimes he’s crazy, sometimes he’s reflective, sometimes he can sound depressed and other times he sounds upbeat and happy. You hear all of those ranges/emotions of his singing of the band’s songs on this debut album. This was a superb debut that just grew on me as the years went on!’