Collective Soul Songs Ranked

Collective Soul is an American rock band originally from Stockbridge, Georgia. Now based in Atlanta, the group consists of lead vocalist Ed Roland, rhythm guitarist Dean Roland, bassist Will Turpin, drummer Johnny Rabb, and lead guitarist Jesse Triplett. Formed in 1992, Collective Soul released their Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid album on the independent label Rising Storm Records in 1993. The band went from obscurity to popularity that year after the song “Shine” became an underground hit based on radio play. The album was re-released in 1994 under major label Atlantic Records. The band released Blender in 2000, their fifth album and final with the original starting lineup, as lead guitarist Ross Childress left the band in 2001. About two weeks after Childress’s departure, Collective Soul released Seven Year Itch, a compilation of their greatest hits between 1994 and 2001. Original drummer Shane Evans departed from the band in 2003. After the Seven Year Itch album, Collective Soul established their own label, El Music Group, prior to releasing Youth in 2004. The band recorded a live album with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra in 2005, titled Home, and released it in 2006. Collective Soul has since released four more albums: Afterwords (2007), a second self-titled album (2009), See What You Started by Continuing (2015), and Blood (2019). Here are all of the Collective Soul songs ranked.

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15. Forgiveness (Disciplined Breakdown, 1997)

“Probably one of the better written songs by them and an all around good feel and great music. Love the bridges. This puts the “soul” in collective soul. It used to be all I’d want to learn, was what good music was. Now all I really want to learn is forgiveness for y’all who didn’t vote for this song.”

14. Energy (Seven Year Itch: Greatest Hits, 1994–2001, 2001)

“I think its about a guy trying so hard to impress a girl he becomes some one he’s not which he is getting tired of…its wasting his energy…she talked about him and bragged to all of her friends about the person he appeared to be and now that they broke up the truth is coming out and he wants everyone to know who he really is…that just my opinion”

13. Georgia Girl (Afterwords, 2007)

“Georgia Girl” is a heartland rock-tinged ballad with lots of echoing piano that stands as the album’s only semi-unique contribution to the Collective Soul discography”

12. Compliment (Dosage, 1999)

“I think that this also has to do with him wondering if there’s more out there than just this horrible world. Like…the world’s a scary place, and he wants to know that there are other places out there in the universe that are better than this place, because if there aren’t, then the universe is just as horrible as the Earth can be.”

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11. Better Now (Youth, 2004)

“This song is extremely energetic and GREAT live! I’ve seen these guys TWICE and Ed Puts Extreme effort into it. And I’d have to say the guitar solo at the end (live) was pretty craz”

10. Fuzzy (Collective Soul 2009)

“This song is a little intimidating at first because of the whistle, but give it a few listens and you can’t get this shit out of your head! It’s a great song, the chorus is especially catchy.”

9. Untitled (Collective Soul, 1995)

“This is a pretty clear theistic song. They are asserting their belief in God as He has revealed Himself, not as people have taught about Him. It is not their miracles or sweet words that have earned their faith, but rather the existence of God has prompted belief.”

8. Run (Varsity Blues: Music From & Inspired by the Motion Picture, 1998)

“Especially relevant today. Speaks of existential boredom- of looking for meaning in life. I love this whole album. I really think that this is one of the better songs on it though!”

7. Why, Pt. 2 (Blender, 2000)

“Why Pt. 2 is a great guitar rock song from a great rock band (I may be biased, since Collective Soul is my favorite band). As far as singles go, this one serves the purpose intended by a single. It highlights a terrific song (Why Pt. 2), and gives the listener a couple added bonus tracks to make buying the single worth their while. “

6. Where the River Flows (Collective Soul, 1995)

“This song is not about a relationship, at least to me. It’s about a personal journey. It’s speaking to someone, or more likely to some part of your own self, and saying, “Find yourself another soul to hold — Off upon my journey I must go — to where the River Flows.” In other words… you don’t get to hang onto me any more… I am going and finding out what I am all about.”

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5. The World I Know (Collective Soul, 1995)

“The world I know is totally the best and Number one song of Collective Soul for me.. I agree that Shine was the Breakthrough and all, but speaking of class and quality, according to how talented Ed is, this has been his first best written, composed, performed throughout this whole time…”

4. Gel (The Jerky Boys, 1995)

“I think this song is about how a band comes together or “Gels” together this is more so in the first verse the second verse is more about how becoming famous can change people the last chorus is basically how at the end we’ll all tell our war stories about our times on the stage together”

3. Heavy (Dosage, 1999)

“It’s got to be HEAVY! This one sticks in your gut. Great drum beat, great heavy guitar sound, catchy little riff and lets the chords ring, the vocals are sung in an understated mood – not screamed, great bridge before the solo, the solo is manic and it’s all under 3 minutes.”

2. December (Collective Soul, 1995)

“Great really catchy song. Really deep and artistic. I can’t understand it but it is really cool. The beet is sweet The riff is so smooth. Dreamy and relaxing. The buildup in this song is unreal as well.”

1. Shine (Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid, 1993)

“Shine is an amazing song! it is post-grunge and alternative at its best! the world I know would be my second vote, that is also an amazing song but this one just beats it!”