Creatures of the Night Songs Ranked

Creatures of the Night is the 10th studio album by American rock band Kiss, released in 1982. It was the band’s last for Casablanca Records, the only label for which Kiss had recorded up to that point. The album was dedicated to the memory of Casablanca founder and early Kiss supporter Neil Bogart,[1] who had died of cancer during the recording sessions. It is also the band’s last album recorded with Ace Frehley credited as an official member and their first album with Vinnie Vincent as the initially uncredited lead guitarist (Vincent would later be credited but not featured on the cover of the 1985 reissue of the album). It was also Kiss’ last album to feature the band with their trademark makeup until the 1998 release, Psycho Circus. Here are all of the Creatures of the Night songs ranked.

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9. Keep Me Comin’

“Keep Me Comin” has a very heavy and very catchy guitar riff with a great chorus of backup vocals from Gene and the boys. Pauls voice sounds different on this song than from ANY other song he’s ever sang in KISS. It’s hard to explain but a great catchy tune nonetheless.”

8. Killer

“Killer” has grown on me a lot, Gene Simmons vocals are sooo good. His scream is so addictive, you have to listen to it at least once a day. He rocks, when he starts yelling “SHE’S A KILLAARRR, STONE COOOLDD KILLLLLAAAARRRRR” you just can’t help but pump your fist. The song is just plain heavy and fun to listen to.

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7. Saint and Sinner

“Saint and Sinner” is a great beginning to the cd for Gene, the lyrics are catchy and Gene really puts some soul into his vocals here. The guitars are heavy and the solo in the middle really has feeling. A catchy song that is underrated.”

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6. I Still Love You

“I Still Love You” is one of Pauls hidden treasures, his voice here sounds better than Robert Plants ever has. He starts off as soft as can be and slowly gets louder and holds a high note and gets louder and louder for what seems like a full minute towards the end of the song.”

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5. Danger

“Danger” is I think slightly above average, but the cool guitar riff helps make up for it. Pauls vocals are loud, and have an interesting arrangement. The lead guitar in this song is where it really shines in my opinion.”

4. Rock and Roll Hell

“Rock and Roll Hell” is one of the best KISS songs around, this is where Gene Simmons voice transformed into a Metal Machine. This song pounds you in the heart as soon as it begins with some of the loudest Bass licks I have ever heard in any song ever. When Gene starts yelling “GET ME OUT OF THIS ROCK AND ROLL HELL, I NEED TO GET AWAY” you feel like your ears are having an orgasm, it’s that badass.”

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3. Creatures of the Night

“Creatures of the Night” is epic, every last one of the songs that Gene sings is a brutal mean reminder of what a real beast this guy’s voice can be. Paul proves on this cd that his wail and vocal range is in my opinion, unmatched.”

2. I Love It Loud

“I Love it Loud” was a smash hit, Gene once again has that voice that sounds so damn brutal. The song is very loud, and is so catchy. The Drums are ridiculous, ridiculously heavy, you can hear what Eric Carr brought to this band. He brought a new attitude and heaviness to KISS, and this is where it all began.”

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1. War Machine

“War Machine” is a HUGE song among hardcore KISS fans, we all cherish this song with our lives. War Machine has an amazing swagger and brutal heaviness that is just flatout unmatched. When Gene screams at the top of his lungs “YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, CAUSE IM A WAR MACHIIIIINNNNNEEEEEE” with that signature growl of his you know, you just know that you have to listen to this album again. It’s too good, we will never hear this kind of real Heavy Metal or Rock and Roll again.”