Rock and Roll Over Songs Ranked

Rock and Roll Over is the fifth studio album by American rock band Kiss, released in 1976. It was recorded at the Star Theatre in Nanuet, New York. To get the proper drum sound, Peter Criss recorded his tracks in a bathroom, communicating via video-link with the rest of the band. Criss sings “Baby Driver” – a rewrite of a Criss/Penridge demo from Criss’s pre-Kiss band Lips – and “Hard Luck Woman,” a song Paul Stanley originally planned to pitch to Rod Stewart, but Gene Simmons insisted Criss sing it. “Hard Luck Woman” did not equal the success of “Beth”, but became another top 20 single. “Calling Dr. Love” became a concert staple. Three of Gene Simmons’ songs are clear re-workings of demos from the 1975 Magna Graphics Studios demo: “Ladies Room” is based on “Don’t Want Your Romance”; “Love’Em and Leave’Em” is based on “Rock and Rolls-Royce” and “Calling Dr. Love” is a re-working of “Bad, Bad Lovin'” The cover artwork is by artist Michael Doret, who worked with Kiss again on 2009’s Sonic Boom. The live album Kings Among Scotland, by Anthrax, pays homage to the artwork. Here are all of Rock and Roll Over songs ranked.

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10. Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em

“Lotsa cheesiness here, and this one starts to wear itself out before its over. The song is rather plain and bordering corny – nothing here really kicks you in the gut. Ace’s chops continues to shine throughout this entire album though.”

9. See You In Your Dreams

“Go Ace! That riff during the solo is way cool! It almost makes the whole song. But Gene does have some clever lyrics and sly delivery that also keep this one interesting. More cheese too, but this is 70’s Kiss, and it worked.”

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8. Ladies Room

“Despite the slow tempo, the sing-song bridge and chorus really makes this a good one. “You’re such a jewel in the rough, you wanna show me your stuff…” I’m diggin it. They really should have picked up the tempo however.”

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7. Take Me

“Another solid Paul tune that keeps the momentum going. By now, you can tell this album is going to rock! Despite the occasional smattering of cheese, the overall delivery just reels you in.”

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6. Mr. Speed

“Paul picks it up a notch with this Stonesy sounding number. I would have liked to hear Jagger sing it, complete with Stones background vox. Paul’s singing is very enjoyable on this tune however, and the chorus here is again strong.”

5. Hard Luck Woman

“The legendary “Paul Stanley wrote this for Rod Stewart” song. Whatever. Peter sings it well. The background vox are mixed down to low – check out the version from Double Platinum which fixes this. Not a bad song; bad production probably held this one back.”

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4. Baby Driver

“The first dip in the proceedings. Lots of power, Peter sings well, but where’s the beef? I can’t sink my teeth in completely. This just kinda rambles along after a wierd “upstroke” starting rhythm.”

3. I Want You

“Nice, punchy tune with a campy chorus that somehow works. Peter Criss is kicking tail on this one, and Ace wails out a sweet, short solo. Max volume is required for this number.”

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2. Calling Dr. Love

“Gene steps up to the mike, but needlessly employs some female backing vocals. No matter, Peter Criss saves the day again with some nice, choppy drumming. Ace serves up another spacey solo. The song is overall a strong number, but I could do with more masculine background vox.”

1. Makin’ Love

“This number matches the quality of the first 4 songs. Cool rhythm guitar, Paul Stanley rockin’ out. The acoustic guitar is a nice touch during the bridge. Nice walk around the drum kit at the end, and a cool fade.”