Crossfade Albums Ranked

Crossfade is an American rock band formed in Columbia, South Carolina in 1993. Before settling on the Crossfade name in 2002, the band had previously existed under the names The Nothing and Sugardaddy Superstar. As of 2019, their current lineup includes Ed Sloan on lead vocals and guitar, Les Hall on lead guitar, keyboard, and backing vocals, Mitch James on backing vocals and bass, and Ryan Yerdon on drums. Since their formation, Crossfade has released three studio albums – their self-titled debut album in 2004, Falling Away in 2006, and We All Bleed in 2011. Here are all of Crossfade Albums Ranked.

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3. We All Bleed (2011)

“This album is a perfect example of how a band SHOULD evolve musically. Crossfade’s first album was great, their second missed the mark and their third is the perfect balance. The musicality is great and it just has it’s own sound.”

2. Falling Away (2006)

“When I listened closely to the lyrics and let the melodies sink in then it all became so utterly addictive. The lyrics are deep-felt, kind of painful and incredibly poetic and expressive. I guarantee that if you are having a sad streak or have just broken up with someone it will absolutely ring your psychological tuning fork. The lyrics have this weird effect of making you feel rock-out powerful while wallowing in emotional misery. Very strange.”

1. Crossfade (2004)

” I really love the song “cold” it is a weird love song saying sorry to your girlfriend for treating her bad what I mean by it being weird usually love songs sound slow and mellow but this one is loud and fast. All of the rest of the songs are the same way except for the very last track “Unknown” I guest it the boys softer side.”