Toadies Albums Ranked

Toadies are an American rock band formed in 1989 in Fort Worth, Texas, best known for the song “Possum Kingdom”. The band’s classic lineup consisted of Vaden Todd Lewis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Lisa Umbarger (bass guitar), Darrel Herbert (lead guitar), and Mark Reznicek (drums). It formed in 1989 and disbanded in 2001 after Umbarger left the group. The band reformed and released the album No Deliverance in 2008. In 2010, they re-released the album Feeler with Kirtland Records (the album’s original release had been denied by Interscope in 1997). The band’s most recent album, The Lower Side of Uptown, was released in September 2017. Here are all Toadies albums ranked.

6. Play.Rock.Music. (2012)

“Like any great Toadies album, some tracks grab you fast, and others you warm up to, and eventually you love the whole damn album from start to finish. There’s no other lyrical sensibility or lush, tonal, sonic guitar playing like the Toadies. They got their own distinctive stink, baby.”

5. The Lower Side Of Uptown (2017)

“Vaden Todd Lewis and crew do not disappoint. His voice should be declared a national treasure, and there is no one that can channel a full throat scream while carrying one catchy tune after another like Lewis can. Working in the same classic rock format of two guitars, bass and drums, Toadies manage to prove that rock and roll is alive and well in 2017. Clark Vogeler keeps on coming up with great guitar riffs too.”

4. No Deliverance (2008)

“No Deliverance is a heavy rocker that doesn’t have a weak song on it. This album is heavier than Rubberneck but isn’t as dark or eerie.As many have stated So Long Lovely Eyes, Nothing to Cry About, I am a Man of Stone, Song I hate, and Flower are the songs that will be stuck in your head, but the whole album is certainly worth listening to. A must if you like the Toadies at all. I hope they make another this good.”

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3. Feeler (2010)

“It’s a short album and does not have all the songs on the proposed first Feeler album. The songs stay true to Toadies style – rockin’ hard music with creative lyrics. YOU, yes you, the one reading this review… you definitely need to add this album to your collection.”

2. Hell Below / Stars Above (2001)

“A totally outstanding album. The entire album is good. There are not many albums or musical artists can one say that about. There isn’t one song i dislike. They are a very unique group to me. There is so much difference with their song sounds. It didn’t have the smash hits of their first album but they did so well with Hell Below Stars Above”

1. Rubberneck (1994)

“The album itself has dark overtones and themes. Favorite songs of mine are “I Come from the Water”, “Away”, and of course “Possum Kingdom”. A particular favorite of mine is the albums closing song, “I Burn”. A haunting and momentum building song about the religious and almost sexually charged allure of fire to a pyromaniac. It builds to a great crescendo for both the song and the album.”