Cults Albums Ranked

Cults is an American indie pop band formed in New York City in 2010. The band first came to prominence when they posted a three-song EP, Cults 7″, on their Bandcamp page. They are signed to Sony and In the Name Of, a record label that was set up by British singer Lily Allen. In early 2012 Cults played the Australasian music festival Laneways. In an interview with they said people could expect a more “aggressive sound” with a lot of changes being made to songs as a five-piece band. In an interview with the magazine Coup De Main, Madeline Follin was quoted saying that “You Know What I Mean” is her favorite song on their self-titled debut album. In 2013 they were featured alongside Amber Coffman on J. Cole’s Born Sinner album which peaked at number 1 on the Billboard 200. The song later peaked at number 96 on the Billboard Hot 100. Brian Oblivion, 2014, Munich Also in 2013, the band recorded their second album, Static, in the aftermath of the duo’s breakup. Reviews were generally favorable. In 2016 Madeline Follin collaborated with her brother Richie James Follin for a side-project called Follin. Their single “Roxy” was released online on February 23. On October 6, 2017, the band released their third album, Offering. In 2019 the song “You Know What I Mean” was featured as the outro to episode 6 of Netflix’s Russian Doll. On September 18, 2020, the band released their fourth album, Host. Here are all of Cults albums ranked.

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5. Motels LP (2018)

Cults Releasing Full Album Cover Of The Motels' Debut

“Probably the most infantile piece of pop music that I’ve come across in a long time. Unfortunately, as with all things that are truly infantile, I find it embarrassingly hard to resist.”

4. Host (2020)

Cults - Host - Les Oreilles Curieuses

“Great electro-pop. Terrific songwriting, great vocals, superb musicianship. Another solid and sexy album by one of my favorite bands.. The distorted vocals from Madeline Follin lends itself well to the off-kilter sound the band is aiming for.”

3. Offering (2017)

Cults – Offering Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

“Another set of Phil Specter-esque sparkling pop confections from the ever reliable Cults. Madeline Follin’s vocals always manage to push through the haze of twinkling synths and reverb-ed drums thanks to the duo’s terrific melodic sensibility, though this, their third effort, is cursed by a kind of blanket mid-tempo samey-ness, one that holds it back until Cults slow things down for the gorgeous closer “Gilded Lily.””

2. Static (2013)

Static - Album by Cults | Spotify

“Guitar driven pop, with quite repetitive moments at times. Yet the echoed indie sound mixed in with all the other elements in the music make this a very comfortable and quite easy to listen to poppy album. Apart from the nice guitar sound, there are also some melodies to support those. Although being 11 tracks on it, it felt like the album passed by rather fast.”

1. Cults (2011)

Cults - Cults - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab

“Its a very simple and repetitive twee pop album, featuring distorted vocals and addictive guitars. The songs loop around very similar hooks, and reaching the 3 minutes mark they already feel like they are dragging a long. These are songs to last half that time ideally.”