Echosmith Songs Ranked

Echosmith is an American indie pop band formed in February 2009 in Chino, California. Originally formed as a quartet of siblings, the band currently consists of Sydney, Noah, and Graham Sierota, following the departure of eldest sibling Jamie in 2016. Echosmith started first as “Ready Set Go!” until they signed to Warner Bros. Records in May 2012. They are best known for the song “Cool Kids”, which reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified triple platinum by the RIAA with over 1,200,000 sales in the United States and also double platinum by ARIA in Australia.[6] The song was Warner Bros. Records’ fifth-biggest-selling digital song of 2014, with 1.3 million downloads sold. The band’s debut album, Talking Dreams, was released on October 1, 2013. Here are all of Echosmith’s songs ranked.

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10. Safest Place (Talking Dreams, 2013)

“Only underrated here because people don’t listen to anything other than “Cool Kids” and “Bright”. This is, musically, probably their best and catchiest song (along with “Come With Me”).”

9. Nothing’s Wrong (Talking Dreams, 2013)

“The style and sound of your music is one of my favorite types. It just gives me a great feeling. I love it! Not only that, your voice reminds me of Hayley’s voice.”

8. Tell Her You Love Her (Talking Dreams, 2013)

“I love this song so much. It’s always been one of my favorites. The strings in the song make it even better. It’s so calming in the best way possible. All the emotion in this song just strikes you in the heart.”

Talking Dreams

7. Over My Head (Over My Head, 2018)

“This could easily be one of my new favorite songs by you! The bass line has me grooving with that smooth walk reminding me of my jazz band days”

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6. March Into the Sun (Talking Dreams, 2013)

“This is amazing! The animations are beautiful and match the song perfectly. And the song itself is so positive and always makes me smile”

5. Let’s Love (Talking Dreams, 2013)

“This is a song that could basically make you fall in love with the first person you lock eyes with. Such a great song! Echosmith is one of those bands that actually make good songs!!”

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4. Talking Dreams (Talking Dreams, 2013)

“Echosmith music has a driving beat in everything they perform, with harmonized vocals and an enthusiasm that never drops out. It’s music you wish to hear again and again while echoing life’s realities in a style reminiscent of better times.”

3. Come Together (Talking Dreams, 2013)

“Echosmith has a very nice sound. Good music, great harmonies and a refreshing sound for (and from) young people today. They kind of make me think of a modernized hippy/folk band. Peace and love, and really pretty music.”

2. Bright (Talking Dreams, 2013)

“Nice song, acoustic guitar background, young female singer foreground. Lyrics are mostly about astronomy. Makes it a nice song for creating a neutral social atmosphere. There are so many other songs were the dominant theme is some angle on a intense love relationship. In reality there are many other details to life concerning staying healthy, growing old, and earning money (paying monthly bills, saving for retirement) .”

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1. Cool Kids (Talking Dreams, 2013)

“I love how the lyrics describe how insecure people idealize others. If you’ve grown out of being a weird kid, then part of your growth would include understanding your ability to hold yourself back by idealizing and catastrophizing. The song perfectly encapsulates the unaware self isolation and self sabotage that many intelligent people engage in.”