Dada Life Songs Ranked

Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom are a Swedish DJ duo from Stockholm, known by the collective name Dada Life. The duo was formed in 2006. They have released two albums, a number of singles and remixes and one compilation. The duo had early chart success in Belgium and the Netherlands, while their second album The Rules of Dada reached the Billboard 200. They are known for their humor during their live performances, while their name is a homage to the absurdist movement of the early twentieth century. They have released two audio plugins programmed by Tailored Noise: Endless Smile, a reverb plugin, and Sausage Fattener, a volume booster. Here are all of Dada Life’s songs ranked.

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10. Freaks Have More Fun (Freaks Have More Fun, 2014)

“This track deserves a lot more recognition, it’s really unique, and the drop is out of this world. I really like the sound and melody, but the second drop built way to much for being nearly the exact same as the first.”

9. Bubble Butt (Bubble Butt, 2015)

“Ever since I heard this beast of a tune on the guest mix of a Going Quantum Podcast I have been hooked! I think this might even be better than the original.”

8. One Smile (One Smile, 2014)

‘The song is just to uplifting, plus the tune kind of reminds me of my childhood! What I really love about Dada Life is that they always make something very unique, the only thing which stays in all their tracks is the sausage sound”

Dada Life – The Rules Of Dada (2012, CD) - Discogs

7. Born to Rage (Born to Rage, 2014)

“Great video Dada Life. Love the disco balls and the comic elements. You inspire me and I just wanted to thank you for leaving feedback on my track – even though the chances you’ll read this is very small.”

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6. One Last Night On Earth (XOXO, 2016)

“This song sounds incredibly sad. I don’t know if it’s because the song is talking about the Earth getting destroyed and everyone dying, or if it’s because one of the members of Dada Life has cancer is dying. But it just speaks to me and just sounds to me like it’s their last hurrah.”

5. So Young So High (The Rules of Dada, 2012)

“This song makes me wanna go ham! Can’t sit still listening to this song, I wanna go to a rave and pop a molly! Go hard or go home!”

Our Nation by Dada Life on Apple Music

4. White Noise (Dada Life’s Musical Freedom, 2012)

“Dada Life I love how you can fill my mind with such wondrous music and with tones that turns my mind into a sub woofer that is so nice”

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3. Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Dada Life’s Musical Freedom, 2012)

“When i first listened to the teaser I was like OMG this song is amazing. And when I now listen to the full song I thought it was MORE AWSOME THEN I EVER THOUGHT IT COULD BE!!!!!!!!”

2. Kick Out the Epic Motherf***** (Dada Life’s Musical Freedom, 2012)

“This song is so special and so original! I love it! The video is also awesome! I remember i heard this song on teen wolf when Jackson and Scott were fighting in the locker room.”

Dada Life – Just Do The Dada (2009, CD) - Discogs

1. Feed the Dada (The Rules of Dada, 2012)

“I had to listen to this song again with my new heads. The quality of these guys’ work is incomparable, the effort that went into creating the soundscape… I’m in awe. Pretty much all the other music I’ve tried didn’t have anywhere near the same eq and sound spectrum and these guys deserve more than they take.”