Ookay Songs Ranked

Abraham Laguna, known by his stage name Ookay, is an American electronic dance music producer, DJ and singer. Laguna is based in Los Angeles and his father is a bassist who performed a bass solo during Ookay’s Father’s Day set at EDC 2015. More recently, Ookay teamed up with Diplo to remix Avicii’s “You Make Me”.Ookay was set to perform at the Ultra Music Festival in March 2020, but the festival was canceled due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Here are all of Ookay’s songs ranked.

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10. Help Me Out (Wow! Cool Album!, 2018)

“I can tell by listening to this that Mello definitely worked with you on this one. This song has his signature bass and his signature use of vocals. The biggest giveaway though was Mello’s signature syncopation. I love it”

9. Next 2 Me (Wow! Cool Album!, 2018)

“I feel so fine when i hear this song! I don’t know why but i remember my childhood moments. I think every time that i hear those Ookay songs i feel something very good!”

8. Fight 4 U (Wow! Cool Album!, 2018)

“Thought it was kinda stupid at first but now I’m in love! The drops were epic, the beat had such a full range of different sounds.”

Ookay Releases Debut Wow! Cool Album! - EDMTunes

7. Cool (Wow! Cool Album!, 2018)

“Ookay, nice you pick the spot for this video and the drop,I can only say one word is AMAZING, Good job for this awesome song, Happy to hear it”

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6. By My Side (By My Side, 2017)

“I like how your song appeals to many different demographics. Very smart. Good song too. Nice chorus makes me want to dance. Love how the message parallels the music, words, and name. Good work”

5. World (World, 2015)

“Two of bass music’ biggest rising stars came together for an outstanding collab “World”. Getter is known for his out-of-this-world (no pun intended) dubstep, and Ookay is known for his innovative trap, and together they created hybrid fire. The tracks sound design is its most noticeable feature, with what sounds like new and exciting synths.”

The Cocoon EP by Ookay

4. Lighthouse (Lighthouse, 2017)

“I can’t feel the Foxy vibes in this one, maybe the 2nd drops and the breaks, but I think this one has more Ookay work, he brings that Future Bass drops.”

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3. Chasing Colors (Chasing Colors, 2017)

“Miss theses days this music is the music I remember marshmallow as then he worked with rappers then then marshmallow changed and became something different marshmallow definitely isn’t the same DJ I looked up to as before but no matter what I will always look up to marshmallow as my hero to be like him and produce EDM like him”

2.Wonders (Wow! Cool Album!, 2018)

“These EDM Beats are literally bringing life to my Ears. This is definitely my favorite song from the entire album. The title of the album says it all!!.”

Nice! EP by Ookay

1. Thief (Thief, 2017)

“This song makes me cry every time. It’s one of the only songs that will actually allow me to feel emotions. It’s hard to explain and wish I could express it better in just those few words but that’s the best I’ve got for right now”